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Fast Weight Loss About The Birth Of The Child

The birth of the child is happiness, which is difficult for overestimating and to realize completely.
However, the strengthened food and that daily routine of young mum which the medicine demands, caring of feeding of the child, in any way do not promote fast growing thin after the delivery.

It is not necessary to answer questions yourself, it is much more reasonable to apply to the expert. The doctor will help you to avoid errors and to receive desirable result.

The approach to a personal care depends on many things: from prescription, well-being and specificity of the last sorts, from a state of health of the kid and mum, from desire and possibility of suckling, and as from presence of milk at mum and restoration of her cycle. Each woman is unique and specific, despite seeming monotony of reasons of excess weight, and changed silhouette. Nevertheless, there are general tendencies …

Features of professional care of a body, both in early, and in later puerperal period create possibility of the fastest restoration after the delivery and reductions of the period of rehabilitation. Reasonably chosen program of individual growing thin and correction of forms assumes (except main objective achievement) – restoration of an emotional background, stabilization of the hormonal status and calcium exchange, normalization of blood circulation and lymphokinesis, reduction of expressiveness of extensions and prevention of formation of hems. The program of growing thin for nursing mums excludes use of strict diets, application of active and, especially, aggressive means of growing thin and should include an arsenal of means promoting preservation of a lactation and normalization of a cycle.

The growing thin program after the delivery, developed on the basis of the French technique of weight reduction, with success is used in the centers all over the world. Now the French technique of growing thin allows receiving desirable result on weight reduction and correction of forms.

The program of correction of a figure for young mums consists of a combination of some influences:

– Vibratory massage, which is raising strength and tone of muscles, raising smoothness and elasticity of the skin, reducing display of extensions and preventing formation of hems, and as burning of fat accelerating processes.

– Therapy strengthening a venous blood-groove and improving tissue metabolism, a superfluous liquid leading to removal from an organism and to elimination of cosmetic problems, such as puffiness of face and baggy eyes.

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– Vacuum-roller massage, which with improvement corrects a figure, levels a skin relief, improves its tone and elasticity, and treats a cellulitis. Smoothing of roughness of a relief of a skin, improvement of lines and reduction of volume of problem zones becomes result of its application.

To add the growing thin program after the delivery it is possible with thalassotherapy, and also manual and hardware technicians of care of a body. If necessary, the program should include consultation of the dietician.

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