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Fast Weight Loss About The Birth Of The Child

The diet is perceived only in a foreshortening loosing of excess weight and the medical aspect of a diet absolutely is thus forgotten. Diet it is rules, which are necessary for considering at food consumption for the purpose specific goal achievement. Here depending on an object in view medical diets also are applied at various diseases.

Diet № 1. It is prescribed at a duodenal and stomach ulcer, and also an acute gastritis.

In food the use of yesterday’s white bread, dairy soups from the wiped groats, soups from the wiped vegetables, low-fat meat, birds, fishes – boiled dishes from them are recommended; milk, cream, not sour kefir, curdled milk, cottage cheese; a potato, carrots, a beet, a cauliflower; a croup, sweet berries and fruit in the wiped, baked and boiled kind.

It is not recommended the use of rye and any fresh bread, fancy bread, fish and meat broths, borsch, Russian cabbage soup, fat grades of meat, dairy products with high acidity, cabbage, beans of a radish, onions, cucumbers, salty and marinated vegetables and mushrooms, sour fruit and berries which are rich with cellulose.

Diet № 2. It is prescribed at an acute hepatitis and a cholecystitis in a recover stage, a chronic hepatitis, and a cholecystitis and cholelithiasis, cirrhosis.

It is recommended the use of any yesterday’s bread, vegetable, groats, dairy soups, and also a borsch and a vegetarian cabbage soup, low-fat grades of meat, a bird, fish, dairy products of low fat content, any groats, various vegetables, fruit and berries.

The use of fresh bread, rich bakeries of items, meat, fish and mushroom broths, a salty cabbage soup, fat grades of meat, canned food is not recommended; cream, milk of 6 %-s’ fat contents; bean, a garden radish, a green onions, garlic, marinated vegetables: chocolate, cream, cocoa, black coffee also not useful for you.

Diet № 3. It is prescribed at diabetes.

You can use rye, wheaten bread, any vegetable soups, low-fat meat and fish broths; low-fat grades of fish, meat, sour-milk products, groats buckwheat, pearl-barley; bean, a potato and vegetables; fresh fruit and sweet-sour berries.

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It is forbidden to use products from fancy pastry, strong and fat broths, dairy cheeses, fat grades of meat, cream, sweet cake cheeses, rice, semolina, pasta, salty and marinated vegetables, grapes, raisin, sugar, jam, sweets, sweet juice, meat.

Diet № 4. It is prescribed at acute infectious diseases.

It is possible the use of the wheaten dried bread, fat-free meat and fish broths, soups on the basis of vegetable broth, mucous broths from groats, low-fat grades of meat, sour-milk drinks, the cottage cheese, the wiped porridges from rice, buckwheat and semolina groats; a potato, carrots, a beet, a cauliflower, ripe tomatoes, ripe soft fruit and berries, rosehip tea, sugar, jam of honey, fruit candy and jam.

It is impossible to use rye and any fresh bread, fancy bread, fat broths, a Russian cabbage soup, a borsch, fat grades of meat, fish and a bird, sausage, smoked products, salty fish, canned food, full cream milk, fat sour cream, cheeses, pasta, millet, pearl-barley and fine ground barley, cabbage, a garden radish.

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