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Fast Diets – A Choice For You!

The diets calculated for the term up to week help to dump from 1,5 to 5 kg. Unfortunately, the majority of so-called fast diets is not given by possibilities to keep result long (that is to grow thin quickly and for a long time it will not turn out).

So such diets suit growing thin “occasionally” — for example, to a party more, on which you would like to flash or to put on a beautiful dress which, alas, has appeared rather small.

Fast diets is strong “shake-up” for an organism for you sharply change habitual way and at times and all food predilections. Therefore many doctors consider that harmless diets do not exist (we do not speak about medical diets which appoints and the dietician or the attending physician supervises to restore your health).

There are some moments to which it is necessary to pay attention:

– All people are different, therefore the same diet can help one and do much harm to another as there is an individual intolerance of those or other products;

– The majority of diets do not form skills of a balanced diet so practically all who sits on short diets, in so short term come back to initial weight. There are cases when your weight even becomes more;

– Before to choose this or that diet consult with the dietician. With his help you can define the variant most suitable to you. Besides, if you have problems with health (especially chronic diseases) consult to the attending physician.

There are a lot of fast diets and you have a possibility to choose that which does not contradict your tastes. The more products which you love in it, the easier will pass a weight, the more softly you will manage to leave a diet and that can longer keep result. In any case, having finished a diet do not overeat, differently all your efforts will go anywhere.

Observe the recommendations given in this or that diet. Do not toughen it, do not sit on it longer than it is necessary. Remember, the quantity of the calories consumed in day, for women should not be less than 1000, and for men — 1700. Otherwise you can strongly shake the health. Besides, the organism put in severe constraints, approximately in a week starts to protect calories: or growing thin will be slowed down, or you will start to lose muscular weight that, to put it mildly, it is not useful.
There are some general rules for those who wants to leave excess weight:

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– Carefully chew meal and do not distract from this process. Reading, TV viewing etc. promote switching-off of receptors which are responsible for feeling of saturation.

– Do not gorge on before a dream. Frequently it leads to that the absorbed calories have not time to turn to energy and fill up a fatty layer.

– Drink not less than 2 liters of water a day. It will help to “wash out” an organism, will not allow to it to keep a superfluous liquid. Besides, remember that salt just keeps this liquid.

– Have necessarily breakfast. If the organism since the morning has not received the portion of “fuel” it slows down exchange processes.

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