Fashion On Fitness

A lot of people are are engaged in fitness. Fitness in a modern society is an integral part of a life of the successful, self-sufficient person caring of health and image: it is fashionable, beautiful, it is stylishly.

During the last years there was a huge number of new directions in the fitness uniting possibilities of effective development of endurance, flexibility, force, dexterity and coordination of movements. But one of the most popular and widespread directions is improving aerobics.

Now it is the dynamically developing structure. It totals about 40 various directions are constantly updated. For this reason in teaching of the third lesson of physical training it is expedient to use this system applying following kinds of aerobics:

Classic aerobics ( I mean the base aerobics) is the program of exercises with use various subjects and without them, a version of run, jumps and jumpings up;
Dance aerobics is the program with use of various dancing movements under the music corresponding to this or that style of dance;

Power aerobics is the program of exercises of a power orientation with use of the additional equipment;

Step-aerobics is the program of exercises on a special step-platform with adjustable height of lifting;

Fitbol-aerobics is the program of exercises in which the big rubber ball in diameter to 75 sm is used;

Fitnes-yoga is the program of exercises for maintenance of a tone of muscles, flexibility development in a combination to the correct breath, improving state of health and a constitution;

Stretching is the program of exercises on extension of muscles in a dynamic and static mode.

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Aerobics is one of means of improving physical training, and, hence, the basic result at which lessons should be aimed is the improvement of an organism trained. It has strengthening an effect on cardiovascular and respiratory systems, promotes figure improvement. Aerobics lessons take off weariness, raise resistibility of an organism to infections, promote a rejuvenation of cages and organism fabrics. In the course of employment such physical quality, as force of various muscular groups develops. Performance of aerobic exercises promotes endurance development. Study of separate joints increases their mobility and exercises varied in form develop dexterity and coordination of movements.

Thus, application of modern directions of fitness at physical training lessons allows to get good state of health, to improve health and physical development, has aesthetic influence on the trained.

The secret of popularity of lessons of fitness is covered that the purpose of all fitness programs is not achievement of high sports results but the aspiration to conduct a high-grade and healthy way of life. The best way to understand about what there is a speech is to make a step forward and to try it on yourself.

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