Weight Loss

Facts About Flattening The Stomach

-How long does it take to get rid of stomach fat?

This depends on how much fat you need to lose. If you follow a healthy eating diet and a proper workout plan and be consistent with it you can see results already within a month.

Don’t you dare to think you will lose all your fat within a short period of time, fast fat loss is impossible and even bad for your healthy.

– What diet should I follow?

Don’t follow any diet. With that said I mean don’t follow any fad diet like low-fat or low-carb because they don’t work to lose fat and it’s impossible to follow these diets long enough.

Eventually you’ll start eating normal again and you will gain even more weight because you restricted your body of important nutrients and therefore you metabolism has lowered.

The best ‘diet’ is the diet your mom told you to eat, can you remember when your mom always told you to eat your vegetables, fruits and quit the junk food?

You should eat 5/6 small meals every 3 waking hours.
Eat a lot of vegetables, foods with a lot of protein such as fish, lean turkey, chicken breasts, eggs, nuts, organic meat and drink a lot of water.

Olive oil is one of the healthiest fats you can eat and it helps you to burn fat so make sure you include it into your diet.

Instead of drinking fruit juices eat the whole fruit it gives you more vitamins.

That’s the basics of an healthy diet.

– What Exercises should I do?

The biggest mistake most people do when they want to burn stomach is doing the wrong exercises.

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You can have the most healthy diet in the world but if you do the wrong exercises you will never see results.

And this may shock you but if you’re already doing exercises most likely you are one of them too.

People tend to believe specific stomach/abs exercises are the way to go to burn stomach fat but it’s far from true.

Yes, they do tone the abs and make your abs harder but that’s all they do, and if you keep on doing them you will get abs but they will be covered under a layer of stomach fat.

Weight training, high intensity interval training are the best %link% because they increase your metabolism and fat burning hormones like no other workouts.

If you can start today and stick on an health diet and only train for about 3 days a week for 45 – 60 minutes a day you will have incredible results within a month from now.

And don’t forget that muscles are heavier than fat, and because you’ll gain some lean muscle you probably won’t see any results when you weight yourself but you did burn fat and that’s the good thing.

Also, don’t be afraid you’ll bulk yourself up too much because that’s not going to happen, if you really want to bulk up you will need to approach it different than I explained here.

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