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Factors That Affect The Weight Loss Process

Most people are able to lose weight if they want to. However, not many people manage to do so. Such people could be met so rare that most people do not even want to try to lose their extra pounds.
But it is still true that anyone could lose unwanted weight. All you need is some proper help and assistance. You should find it much easier to lose weight if you learn more about factors that affect losing weight.
First of all, you need to get some understanding on how your body reacts to different types of diets, exercise and your thoughts. You need to understand how and why weight is gained.
Losing weight is usually referred to burning more calories than you normally expand. The most common mistake in losing weight is when people are unable to move outside their comfort zones.
For example, we all know that watching TV, cooking or sewing are various types of physical activity. However, none of them allow to burn enough calories in order to lose weight. And if you want to lose some weight, you want your body to change. And to make this happen you need to change your life style.
We all know that 30 to 45 minutes of physical activity during the day is healthy, but this might not lead to fitness progress. The reason is that the activity level remains too low. Low activity exercises are great to prevent sicknesses. But they are not effective enough to remove unwanted weight.
One pound of fat is equal to thirty five hundred calories. That is why to lose one pound a week you need to burn about five hundred calories per day. Everything is as simple as that. This sound very easy, does not it? Then why so many people fail to lose weight? The answer lies in the fields of physiology and psychology.
Adipose tissue is simply the place where your fat is stored. This tissue needs to go through about seven stages before the fat could actually be transformed into energy. To start the process you simply need to move faster which stimulates fat changes. On further stages a lot of oxygen is required. Therefore you should breathe deeply and consistently. This type of breathing is familiar to those who do aerobics, jogging, swimming, dancing or anything else like that. You normally breathe this way after a good and active exercise.
With the help of oxygen some acids in your organism are combined with glucose and moved into fat burning device – the mitochondria.
After your fat has burned in mitochondria you could see sweating, heating and some other symptoms. These are true signs of some weight being lost. And you could be sure that you have lost enough calories to get a better shape.

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