Face Fitness

If you wish to look beautiful take care of the most important thing, about your appearence. After all the face care gives out you first of all.
Care of a face skin for a long time became necessary cosmetic procedure for ladies of all age but treacherous wrinkles are not exterminated by only creams. To delay occurrence of these unpleasant certificates of age it is necessary not to admit flabbiness of a skin, to hold face muscles in a tone. Begin struggle for elasticity of a skin right now using a face fitness!

When we frown, rejoice or we talk muscles of our person actively work. They strain and relax but there is it rather non-uniformly. Even if we sleep our person is weakened not completely: eyelids and eyeballs twitch, muscles round a mouth are reduced. Such non-uniformity of work of different groups of obverse muscles we also are obliged by occurrence of premature wrinkles. In due course constant loading on the same muscles leads to an overstrain of connecting fabrics and consequently wrinkles and “the floated” face contour. To avoid it already today, now is necessary to be engaged in a face fitness.

Face fitness – exercises.
Carrying out the complex of exercises based on alternation of pressure and a relaxation of various groups of face muscles we can achieve amazing effect. In month of performance of such gymnastics a face contour becomes more accurate, a skin more elastic and tightened. Certainly such result will be reached only in the event that you will carry out a complex of exercises every day. But do not hasten to be frightened, time occupies more than a morning make-up, only minutes 15. If to do a face fitness some times in day you will see result faster.
In the west such complex of exercises name «facebuilding». But the set from these exercises was known still in ancient times, after all women always dreamt to involve in themselves delighted looks. The principle of exercises remained invariable throughout centuries but everyone combined them in own way. For example the system popular now “self-lifting” developed by Camilla Voler which has picked up an effective combination of various exercises. Systems « facebuilding » and “self-lifting” name not surgical face lifting.

At gymnastics performance is important not only to reach good result but also not to cause harm to the skin. For this purpose there is a number of rules which should be carried out strictly. Before carrying out of gymnastics do not use a face cream. After performance of exercises you will rinse your face with room temperature water (that in addition tones up it) and will grease with your usual cream. Hands and the face should be ideally pure. The gymnastic complex is better for carrying out sitting, a back should be in a straight line, a neck is equal without inclinations.

It will be easier to you to be accustomed to this gymnastics if you do not appoint to yourself strictly certain time for face fitness performance. Do it when to you want. It is possible to carry out gymnastics in stages.

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