Exercises On A Beach

It is possible to lie and be heated on the sun motionlessly and it is possible to be engaged in the body, i.e. gymnastics on a beach. But what exercises can be carried out without involving attention in it?! There are for example, such exercises.

Exercise for hands. Turns of brushes of hands. Lying on a back stretch hands in the parties, palms are downwards. Muscles weaken. Having squeezed fingers in a fist turn palms upwards simultaneously taking a breath. Then turn palms downwards, weaken muscles and make an exhalation. Repeat exercise of 15 times, then extend hands along a body, muscles weaken and have a rest.

Following exercise strengthens muscles of hands and a breast. Pressure — a relaxation. Remaining in the same position on a back, bend hands in elbows and put under a head. In this position sometimes strongly press sand (breath), then weaken all muscles (exhalation). Repeat this exercise 2 times.

Exercise for feet and a stomach. Bending — straightening. Lying on a back, slowly bend knees, and lean about the earth (breath), then slightly raise feet and lower them straightening on the earth (exhalation). Make a deep breath, then a slow exhalation strongly pull socks (knees are straightened, muscles of feet are strained). Repeat exercise of 10-15 times.

Exercise for a back muscle. An arch — plainly. Turn over on a stomach, hands bend in elbows, palms put one on another, on them a chin. And now look in a dark blue sea distance. Lift shoulders, leaving a head in the same position. All body is curved in the form of onions (breath). Then weaken muscles having returned to a starting position (exhalation). Repeat exercise 10 times.

Exercise for a stomach. Sit down on a laying, feet extend forward. Then, without leaning hands, bend forward shoulders. If it is difficult to you to execute this exercise, your stomach muscles are weakened. Lift hands and do an inclination forward concerning with fingers a foot.

Now bend feet in knees and sit down “in Turkish”. Without the aid of hands, leaning against a foot outer side, rise slightly having inclined a trunk forward. This fine exercise is for a stomach and for feet. Advice: carry out it when will rise from a laying.
After performance of this small complex of exercises the seas go on walk lengthways. Coming back, walk knee-deep in water, from time to time coming into depth to half of hips.

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Exercise for feet. Lying on a back, slightly bend feet in knees. The right foot lean about the earth, left put on right and fingers of the left foot spin in both parties. Or: hands extend along a body, palms turn downwards.

Exercise for brushes of hands. Strongly press each finger of a hand a laying. Thus, you strengthen fingers and hands.

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