Exercises For Strengthening Of Face Muscles

You should put fingers on internal tips of eyebrows, on nose bridge. We press down a skin but do it very easy in order the pressure was uniform and soft. Continuing to press we try to shift eyebrows to nose bridge. We weaken a skin but fingers are not cleaned. Such overcoming of resistance trains a skin on nose bridge and allows to avoid wrinkles and folds for anger.

Put three fingers of both hands on a forehead so that ring fingers lay over eyebrows. Again slightly press on a skin. Slowly we lift eyebrows feeling as resistance is overcome. Remember that pressing should be uniform and weak.
With the help of fingers we hold a skin at external corners of eyes slightly pressing on them. It is very important to press on a skin of a small finger of all surface. A skin at eyes is especially gentle and thin, here it is important not to be overzealous. Overcoming pressure as much as possible we lift an eye upper eyelid. Then we put fingers on internal corners of eyes and it is repeated the same exercise.

The next exercise can be made some times in day independently, in a separation from other complex since it not only holds muscles in a tone but also perfectly weakens eyes. So, a back is in a straight line, a head is held exactly without inclinations. As much as possible we open a mouth more widely, we lift a sight upwards as if considering a ceiling, and often blink within a semiminute.
The face is weakened, lips are closed but not compressed. We put small pillows of middle fingers on corners of a mouth and press them. We press more strongly than on corners of eyes or a forehead. We extend lips and loudly “give smacking kiss” to air.

The lips are densely closed but are not compressed. We take a deep breath through a nose and strongly inflate cheeks. We exhale air at first gradually then pushes. During performance of exercise a lip is not disconnected.
The neck is held directly, a head is not lowered. Strongly strain muscles of a neck and start to push forward the bottom jaw. Having put forward it as it is possible we move a jaw to the right and to the left. A head and a neck during exercise performance is held directly, it is not inclined!
The lips are closed. We have forefingers of both hands on nose folds, from a chin to a nose and press them. After that we try to press more densely a lip to a surface of a teeth and gums. Fingers during exercise performance are not torn off from nose folds.

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