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Everything That You Need To Know About Slags And Toxins

This condition is familiar to you: you wake up in the morning and you lie like a log because to rise there are no forces? 8 hours of sleep and you take vitamins and isn’t sick as though, and vital energy isn’t present, reflection in a mirror also doesn’t please …

Still: who will be consoled by tired look, the earthy complexion of face and an extinct view? Fault to this disgrace in ninety nine percent from hundred is an intoxication, domination of slags and the toxins which have captivated sections of an internal. The peak of this not palatable condition usually drops out for the spring. Why? Who is guilty? What to do? We have set these and other questions to participants of a special meeting.

Whether there are slags and toxins? And if yes, what they represent?

The term “slags” is closer to metallurgy area, than to physiology. So is called the substances which are formed in blast furnaces in an overtime of metals.

To speak about slags in a body it is not absolutely correct; because it is better o name it “toxins”. It is not enough finished metabolic products settling in cells and vessels.

In the course of digestion something is processed and deduced, something is acquired and goes for advantage of the organism and something lies as a dead load. It is also the toxins poisoning an organism.

From what slags and toxins first of all are formed?

Modern peeping, air and water are the main sources of an intoxication, but nutrition, perhaps, — on the first place.

Slags and toxins:

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All products ready to the use (assortment of supermarkets), contain preservatives, aromas and stains and there are wells of toxins. If to make an original rating of sources of toxicant deposits it is possible to name the leader safely fried dishes — meat, fish, a potato.

The tasty crisp — the result of contact of a product with fat on a frying pan there contain a maximum of carcinogens and transfats (they are formed after repeated warming to high temperatures even on the most qualitative vegetable oil). With it abusing fast food restaurants.

Further in a rating is a white flour of the premium and all its derivatives. If you love to fried donuts it is the best way of alimentary suicide.

Besides, donors of toxins are white Saccharin, sausages, smoked products, products of secondary processing (every possible dry breakfasts), and also the warmed-up nutrition.

In the warmed up borsches, soups it is formed the microorganisms provoking fermentation in an intestine. And here nutrition without microbes — that which has been welded and eaten within days. So the list is pretty much impressive and now you know what it is essential to avoid.

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