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Eutrophy As The Best Variant Of Diets

We know for a long time that health directly depends on eutrophy. But that means to eat correctly. Dieticians insist on the: correctly – means high-grade, i.e. a dense breakfast, a good dinner, an easy supper. However, owing to the employment, laziness, weariness – we can’t and we do not want to accept food in the morning. Many of us prefer to devote superfluous 15 minutes to a dream rather than a breakfast. “And do it correctly!”, – speak adherents of a separate food who are assured that the eutrophy doesn’t depend on time and quantity of accepted food, but is connected with the qualitative maintenance of products.

For a long time it has been noticed that not all foodstuff is equally combined with each other. And after all it has huge value for prevention of diseases. The food is that material which is necessary to become a part of cages of an organism. Therefore it is necessary that it contains only useful substances, only then the food will carry out the function. And in order it restores spent energy and promoted organism improvement it is necessary to combine products under the maintenance fibers in them, carbohydrates and fats, i.e. do not mix, for example, the squirrel with carbohydrates.

The matter is that character of allocated digestive juice corresponds to certain food. For example, the alkaline environment is necessary for the first stage of digestion, and to fiber – acid for a starched product. Therefore difficult mixes of foodstuff worsen digestion. The easier is the food the better it is digested and acquired. Food intake becomes effective.

So, we will divide products on groups, and then we will analyse and we will specify about their compatibility. To albuminous group we will carry: meat, fish, eggs, eggplants, a string bean, bean, nuts, sunflower seeds. In general, the albuminous food differs that has the big percent of a protein. Wishing to get an albuminous product pay attention to this indicator.

Other group are live products and it concerns: greens, fruit, dried fruits, vegetables (the exception makes a potato), juice, berries, water-melons, dry wine.

The third group is carbohydrates: bread, groats, sugar (tea, compote, jam), a potato.

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Products of the first and second group are well combined with each other and perfectly acquired. Products of the second and third group, i.e. live food are compatible to carbohydrates. However from the first group, i.e. the squirrel is not necessary to eat simultaneously with products from the third group, i.e. with carbohydrates. Fibers, fats and carbohydrates are extremely necessary for our organism for accurate work, therefore it is impossible to exclude any of them. Simply it is necessary to eat meat ( for example, with vegetables (live products). A potato (carbohydrates) is needed to be used in preparation of vegetable ragouts or as a soloist component in a dish.

It is really surprising that right now we live in the world where knowledge quickly enhances the quality of our life. Seems like an easy statement, but for some reason people don’t use this power in their life.

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