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Eutrophia Is The Best Mode To Lose Weight!

Calorie content of products is a quantity of energy, which is allocated at their splitting. Therefore, a power unity in dietetics is a calorie. At the same time the energy unit in the physics – joule – is equal to 4,186 calories.

The most “high-calorie” substances are fats. At combustion of 1 gram of proteins or 1 gram of carbohydrates it is secreted 4,1 kcal, and at burning of 1 gram of fat – already 9,3 kcal.

Energy needs of the person per day are on the average 2000-3000 kcal depending on weight of a body and type of physical loadings. Accordingly, all superfluous is saved in stocks.

But here it is important to consider not only amount of calories, but also their quality, that is whence they have been got – from proteins, fats or carbohydrates. “Albuminous” calories, for example, are expended for needs of an organism at once, and “fatty” – are accumulated in problem places and form that superfluous weight. Calories differ and under the maintenance in them of helpful elements – assimilability of the organism also depends on it. There are “empty” calories in the products, which do not include vitamins and valuable trace elements. Caloric content of orange juice differs from orange aerated water.

The utility principle should be noticed and at a choice of fats. The saturated fats – the refined products, fat meat and dairy products etc. – are poor with useful fatty acids and are used by an organism as fuel only on 5 %, all the rest saves to folds on your body. And nuts, fish, seeds and oils are rich with important polyunsaturated fatty acids and are used almost on 75 % by organism.

Carbohydrates also can be useful and not. “Simple” carbohydrates produce insulin development – a hormone, which transforms glucose into fat. Accordingly consumption of sweet and baked food leads to adiposity. “Difficult” carbohydrates – grains and fruits – are split on glucose, which can’t be used as fuel immediately, and transforms into a glycogen, being stored in muscles and a liver. It supplies long power feed of an organism.

Quick losing weight and too low calorie content of a food threatens not only with reduction of a fatty tissue, but also with lessening of a muscular tissue. In case of consumption less than 1200 kcal a day half of all additional spent power will be taken not from accessible fat, and by combustion of muscles. And it will lead to metabolism hold-up. Very low calorie content of a food also negatively influences on development of a hormone of steady weight. Further you are threatened with uncontrollable feeling of hunger and activation of a lipoprotein of a lipase – enzyme of adipopexis.

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Accordingly it is better to replace all low-calorie fares with eutrophy: to eat small portions of food 5-6 times in day. Also remember that the more you consume simple carbohydrates and the saturated fats, the more excess weight you have. Irrespective of how many calories per day you consume, you should spend 2,2 grams of protein on each kg of weight.

Be healthy!

The issue of health is important for everybody. We also must remember that health to some extend depends upon one’s weight. Overweight people face health problems more frequent than those with normal weight. That’s why weight loss is so popular today. Google and other search engines can help find info on how to lose weight and other related matters.

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