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Ephedrine Hydrochloride: Ephedrine Side Effects

The fact of the matter is that just about everything you are able to put into your mouth has some type of side effects. For that matter, even food has its fair share of side effects that consist of tooth decay, and obesity among others. Now ephedrine does have its far share also, and most people tend to concern themselves only with those that are “long term”. But what about short term side effects?

Now it does a extremely great job of killing your appetite which is why most people use it but you will find other things that it does too and these would be the side effects that you may not have bargained for. For example, the first one that you may wish to know about before you take it, is that it heightens your energy level, and also can cause your heart rate to pick up rather substantially.

Still one much more, is heavy sweating that will also lead to body odor. In the event you decide to try this well-liked diet pill it’s essential that you be aware of the temperature of the room you work out in, if actually you do work out. Also take breaks to cool off in the event you discover yourself overheating, and obviously a bath or shower is has usually been the ideal cure for body odor.

Many people who use this popular over the counter weight loss drug also report problems with a dry mouth, otherwise known as cotton, or desert-mouth. Now just like all the other short term side effects listed here, how much you take does have an effect on how sever it is. So what can you do about it? Try lessening your dosage, and carry a bottle of water and some sour gum with you.

Insomnia or lack of sleep is one more that you can expect to encounter, and this particularly holds true if you use it later in the day. Over the counter sleeping aids are known to help if this becomes a problem for you, but taking your pills early in the day is one of the better ways to avoid it. Still one more thing that you can do if you’re having trouble sleeping is to take a warm bath.

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Feeling an urge to talk and over talking may not bother you but it sure can make life hell for anyone who’s stuck with you. Once again, for some folks it’s worse than other and like the others, your dosage level factors in heavily. Listening and singing along with music is a great alternative to talking, or you can offer the person you’re with some of your pills so they can chatter right along with you.

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