Employment By Fitness. Errors Of Beginners.

I was engaged in several sports halls which differed with the sizes, level of service and firms of manufacturers of training apparatus. For example, half a year back I visited a female exercise room, and have now changed it for more modern and big fitness club. Being the person observant, I necessarily noticed errors and defects which make women aspiring to improve the figure.

1. Proud loneliness. As paradoxical it will sound I have come to a conclusion that is better to visit an exercise room alone, without friends. The company is good only at the beginning when you only master sports space. Very often friends distract on conversations, thereby taking away attention (which is the important factor of success in sports) from concentration on exercise performance. Women will always find what to discuss, and at times happens so interestingly that they simply forget what for have come to a hall.

2. The necessary psychological spirit. To a campaign in an exercise room it is necessary to have good mood. You begin (or continue) a new life which will change your appearance and will raise a self-estimation. The most insignificant details can help with this business even. For example, you should like the form in which you will be engaged. Important value has an exercise room – as you in it feel yourselves after several employment.

3. Resoluteness. Among my acquaintances there were many women whom after couple of months not especially intensive trainings, without seeing the big changes in the figure or state of health, threw employment. To achieve appreciable results it is required to show qualities of character. They will be useful to resist to laziness, shyness, scepticism from outside own mind and, probably, associates.

4. Purpose definition. Having decided to visit fitness club, at first not bad to understand what you want. Depending on an object in view it is possible to choose aerobics, training apparatus, pool. If your purpose is figure improvement, force and endurance increase, welcome in an exercise room. However some women who have chosen power trainings, at all are not engaged in them. Women can be seen on a racetrack, a velosimulator or stepper. It is possible to be convinced of correctness of my words having glanced in any nearby hall. If you have the luck you will notice the woman at a training apparatus for a press.

5. Knowledge. The information is a thing very important and necessary in any business. Fitness isot an exception. Moreover, your success in many respects depends on your knowledge in this area. Very often women neglect the theory, hoping for the intuition or articles read in popular magazines. Meanwhile, as it seems to me, that body and spirit transformation has really come, it is necessary:

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* elementary acquaintance to anatomy (an arrangement and the name of muscles);
* knowledge of bases of eutrophy;
* ability to carry out exercise is technically correct;

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