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Emotional Eating – Why Is It So Difficult To Lose Weight?

Emotional Eating: Why most people face this problem?
Many people want to lose weight and they are looking for any helpful advice. And most people experience emotional eating which is the main problem why they can not lose weight. Emotions trigger unhealthy eating habits.

Commonly, people who have excess fat, try to lose weight try to satisfy their emotions instead of physical hunger. And this is the main problem why so many people are fighting excess weight. When you try to eat in response to your physical hunger, you will eventually feel full. And when you feel full, you stop eating. It is a natural ability that all of us have.

How Do We Get Into This Overeating Mode?
So, what happens to us when we get into this overeating mode? The first reason why we tend to overeat is that we learned a way to feel better with food. We realized that if we just eat some food, we will stop irrespective that unpleasant feeling that we have now.

How is The Obese Adult Affected?
So, how this affect adult people? Well we defined that food makes us feel comfortable. Our subconscious knows that there is one way to feel better and this is food. So what happens when we feel bad? We are looking for a way to comfort ourselves. We want to get rid of a bad feeling as quickly as possible. And eating is the first and a sure way that helps us to feel good. Our subconscious does not analyze the things, does not make judgements and it is not able to understand time. Subconscious lives in present moment. And it knows an excellent way to feel better because food is associated with comfort. The subconscious does not know that certain behaviours of habits can affect our health. It accepts only “now” and it starts solving “now” problem to feel better.

What Can You Do With This Unhealthy and Risky Response?
The first thing you should do is to understand when you feel physical hunger and when you are responding to emotional eating. You can keep a registrar and every time you eat something, make a note of the time, place and what was going on at the time. Are you eating in the right way? Do you feel any emotions? Can you tell what this emotion is? Begin to ask yourself some significant questions about your behaviour.

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It is a good start for making some adjustments. With self-hypnosis techniques you can make the process go faster. Working with a professional and savvy professional hypnotist can reveal and reduce the effect the negative emotion, and then you can work under making new responses.

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