Effects Of Your Quitting Smoking.

Many people wonder what might happen if they give up smoking. It goes without saying that you also have a burning desire to find out this. OK, I’ll try to answer this. So first of all you will feel a sort of a stomach ache and most probably this will get a bit worse in the next hours. I’m afraid that you can even face such a sharp pain which can’t be handled. Perhaps the color of your skin will change several times. Moreover your fever might get higher each time this happens. Then you’ll recall what vomiting is. After that you can face a terrible cough. To my great regret all of this mentioned above might happen if you give up smoking. But of course this shouldn’t be the reason to stay away from quitting this.

As for me when I tried this too I prepared myself for all the scenarios even for the worst ones. But to my great luck the worst scenario didn’t touch me at all. It goes without saying that each individual gets out of this trap in his own way. I was lucky as you know. But others might have certain difficulties with it. But the main thing is that you should have a burning desire to stop this damn passion to inhale nicotine. It’s clear that you’d better give up smoking as earlier as you can.

You should be ready to face all these things mentioned above. Be prepared to resist cravings because they will come any way. They will arise almost instantly as soon as you throw out. It goes without saying your habit isn’t going to be defeated so easily. But your will should be strong of course in this case. You should realize that there’s no way back. Moreover these cravings aren’t so bad as you might have thought.

By the way many people tell that the first three days are the worst ones. As for me it was a real hell for me because I hated the entire world and certainly I had a burning desire to smoke. But any way I managed to win. This refers to the power of will first of all. It’s a great chance to prove that you are much stronger than your bad habit. And you must be a winner.

I don’t know what other things might happen to you when it comes to this great moment. It’s clear that a great number of people expect a really dramatic event. But as for me it’s a great boredom and test of your will of course. But I know what you’ll have then. Certainly this will be a feeling of victory. It will be your victory. I hope you’ll really achieve this.

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