Weight Loss

Effective Weight Control

There are many ways to lower weight. A question is in how to keep the weight.

Key to success is to consume fewer calories than to burn and it is unimportant that these calories were from carbohydrates, fibers or fats.

Success strategy:

Bring little changes in the way of life which will appear effective for you. For example, pass to 1-2 % milk, and then gradually on the degreased. Pass to cheese, to salads and other products of the lowered fat content.

Eat intelligently. Forget about constant chewing in nutrition or sitting preparation time in front of the TV.

Supervise a portion. Those who successfully reduce weight don’t eat huge portions.

Your diet should consist of vegetables, fruit, integral grains and albuminous products with the low maintenance of fat. Limit total of fats.

Begin the day with a healthy breakfast which in the form of low-fat milk, yogurt, fast meat or egg. Many people with excess weight pass a breakfast. Make a breakfast a habit.

Pick up various physical exercises and enter them into the daily routine. Do them daily.
Don’t control the stressful condition by means of meal. Find healthier alternative: physical exercises, walks, meeting with friends.

Conduct records of that you eat.

Read labels on products.

Support the motivation.

What is a secret of those who has become successful?

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They have limited calories to 1400 in day

They have limited fats to 25 % from all calories content.

They begin day with a breakfast

They eat various nutrition products.

They regularly do physical exercises; first of all walk a lot.

They keep a diary

Those who supported for a long time the lowered weight, find out that in due course it demands ever less efforts and to support a healthy way of life there is all easier.

Therefore, if the person is predisposed to excess weight, he or she should show consideration especially for in sense of a food. Should find internal harmony, fall in love with yourself, fall in love with the body, understand that it is rather necessary for them to do that the organism was healthy and happy. If all it is – love, harmony, care of the body, – then you will obtain great results.

At such fractional food ration a portion will be smaller. Well it is, less, than you ate once after day of hunger-strike. And it is good. After all the stomach does not receive special pleasure when in it gathers huge volume of products. It should be stretched. It should process this volume. And it is harder work for it. The organism which except gravity and problems with a gastro enteric tract won’t receive anything.

The stomach was stretched time, stretched twice, and then, by inertia, starts to demand the same stretching that the sensation of satiety has come. And we are compelled to put in it more and more “fuel”. But thus, touching on volume nutrition, accordingly, we touch in calories. And, certainly, inevitably we gain weight. And then, having found magnificent forms we search for modern techniques which will allow us once and for ever get rid of a superfluous fat. But, as I already many times mentioned, miracles do not happen.

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