Weight Loss

Effective To Lose Belly Fat

If you want to loose some kilograms and improve your health, I’ll give you some advices.

Don’t eat sweet things.

Sugar presence in a diet is the essential factor of a set and excess weight maintenance. Besides, sugar conceals in itself the big threats for health, than we have got used to consider. This product is destroying immunity.

In general, refusal from sweet is one of indispensable conditions of the guaranteed growing thin and good health. But how is easier to make it?

There is a concept of a food habit: «I can not without …». Speech can go about sweets, meat, coffee etc. The Occasion to change food habits becomes the medical diagnosis, in the given example it can be, accordingly, a diabetes, a gout, a hypertension. And so, after full (necessarily full) refusal of a product your inclination to it passes after 2 – 5 weeks.

That morning tea with sugar is only a habit – clearly. But sometimes really it would be desirable sweet. Why and how is to be with it?

The matter is that the feeling of hunger arises only when glucose level in blood decreases below a certain threshold. What will as fast as possible raise glucose? Certainly it is some of sweets or a cake. In reply to it (because of initially low glucose and its subsequent jump) in blood the superfluous quantity of insulin is thrown out. And it should transport in a short space of time glucose from blood for power needs of an organism.

Therefore, if you do not run at once cross-country or have no strong stress all eaten sweets through a number of transformations are postponed on “favorite” places in the form of fat.

Means to overcome a habit to have a bite sweet, it is necessary to support stable level of glucose in blood. It is reached by a carbohydrate breakfast and a non-admission of feeling of hunger (a fractional food). Yes, of course, in the first days it will be unusual without sweet. But the further, the more naturally you will perceive food without sugar. The same tea – in the sweetened kind – will be simply tasteless.

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You shouldn’t eat refined fat and fat products. From a diet it is necessary to replace mayonnaise, fat grades of meat, a bird, fish, cottage cheese, everything fried on oil, and also sausages, nuts in considerable quantities and – (!) vegetable oils.

Separately about vegetable oils (olive, sunflower, etc.). They also are excluded! There is a smart myth that vegetable oils – are very useful and help to grow thin. This myth has arisen, as too free interpretation of one indisputable fact: the use of animal fats accelerates arteriosclerosis development whereas vegetable oils do not harm to cardiovascular system. But we speak absolutely about other – about caloric content of a food! For this purpose, who wishes to grow thin, has no value animal it is fat or vegetative, both here and there you receive on 9 kcal on gram of the eaten fat.

So, you should decide yourself if you are able to forget about favorite products if you want to grow thin or not!

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