Weight Loss

Effective Of Weight Loss

Let’s grow thin by means of a water diet – easily to tell, but it is difficult to make. It is not necessary to abuse a liquid and to drink 7 liters a day if it is enough only of two. Observe a sense of proportion, and you will get positive result. You will ask how is possible to calculate your day dose of consumption of water? Everything is very simple. The formula is such: 40 ml of water on 1 kg of a body. Multiply and receive the day dose. However, if you actively go in for sports, or outside is very hot, you sweat, the quantity of drunken water in a day can increase, but not much. Do not forget that in aspiration to grow thin, dump excess weight, you can harm to the organism. Surplus of a liquid in an organism actually is even worse, than its lack. If you drink too much liquid it will lead to that from your organism will be removed useful salts, there will be hypostases, spasms. Therefore it is necessary to be especially cautious in experiments with yourself. It is necessary to consult with the doctor in advance.

If it is difficult to you to refuse tea or coffee, you, of course, can use them during the day, but only do not consider them in a day dose of the use of water. Important correctly to drink pure water during the day. Distribute the norm on some receptions, in other case 4 glasses of water drunk for one time, will lead to that your stomach will be stretched, and your appetite will increase. When is it necessary to drink water to grow thin by means of a water diet? The first reception of pure water should occur in the morning, right after you have woken up. Only one glass of water is capable to speed up work of digestive system and a metabolism. If to squeeze out some drops of a lemon in it, it will be more pleasant to you to drink, and you will receive vitamin C at one in the morning, which is necessary for our organism. After 30 minutes you can have a breakfast. Begin morning with useful and pleasant moments!

During the day, it is important to observe following recommendations about the use of water to get the best effect from a water diet. Drink water 30 minutes prior to meal, it will allow you to lower feeling of hunger, as a result, at dinner you eat less. To drink water right after meal extremely is not recommended. Water should get in an organism only later 2 hours after food intake. Water, a liquid which is drunk right after meal leads to that in a stomach you dilute gastric juice, there is a stomach swelling, and food having not been digested, makes our figure worse. So, it is not necessary to drink water and other liquid during the meal. To drink pure water is better when you have a desire to have a bite, drink tea with something sweet. It will help you to get rid from unnecessary snacks and superfluous kg.

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