Effective Exercises For Losing Of A Weight

In house conditions can be offered such effective exercises for losing a weight as:

Lying on a back with the hands extended along a body bend the left foot, lift right and put it on a left knee then, straining muscles of buttocks, lift a basin upwards, lower it and repeat exercise once again then replace a foot and make a fresh start.

Or you can try such, not less productive exercise: kneeling, extend one foot back so far how much you can (a foot should be perpendicular to a floor, and the foot is strictly parallel to it) and return back. Repeat exercise 10 times and then replace a foot.

And here still: lying on a floor the person downwards (hands under a chin, feet are straightened and are a little moved apart), lift the right foot, get it for left, then lift left and get it for the right. Repeat this exercise 10 times for each foot. All these exercises together with run should occupy hour and be made 4-5 times a week.

It appears to strengthen muscle and to give to a figure symmetry, to us is capable to help also the most elementary ball. If you feel that it is difficult to you to keep balance on a ball, lean it to a wall. Only 10 minutes of daily employment within three weeks and you will see a difference.

Each exercise repeat 12-15 times: lay down a stomach on a ball, hands to a head, elbows aside. Slowly exhale and lift a head and shoulders as it is possible above, try to reduce shovels. Take a pose. On an exhalation return to a starting position. Other exercise: sit down on a ball. Crossing feet, move forward so that you leant about a ball a head, shoulders and a back. Buttocks do not concern a floor. Bend knees, feet on width of shoulders, socks look forward. Exhale and lift a basin that it was on one line with knees. Inhale and return in a starting position.
Lay down on a back, knees bend, feet put on a ball.Press heels to buttocks. Slowly exhale, lift a basin from a floor and, keeping a ball, tighten knees to a breast. Inhale and return in a starting position. Thus the back is pressed to a floor.

Though it contradicts the standard representations but to spend the first physical training is better early in the morning next the heart or after 9 hours having eaten one apple. Morning training will load you energy for all day and will burn more fat than evening.

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If you will follow our advices in three weeks you will find out appreciable changes in a back part of the body, you really will have a waist and the belt will be tightened.

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