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Effective Affirmations For Weight Loss

Weight Loss Affirmations are very important in achieving quick weight loss results that will last for a long time. People who tried NLP methods and hypnosis with nutrition and diet programs managed to achieve a great success for healthy and long term weight loss. There is no doubt that you should understand why and how affirmations can affect the weight loss process and how can they help you to attain great results.

When you are ready to attain you normal weight, have more energy every day and higher self-esteem, it is an easy and effective formula for accumulating weight loss affirmations.

Step One: Set Your Target Weight
The most important thing in effective weight loss affirmations is setting target weight in which you will feel comfortable. Many people concerned with their weight just state that they want lose weight without setting their target weight. You should understand that in such a way your mind has been conditioned to think of losing anything that is bad. That is why when your subconscious hears about losing weight, it adds weight loss issue negative emotion and you get a negative state of mind resulting from depression problems.

In fact nobody wants to lose weight, because they just want to attain their normal weight. And if you want to achieve fast weight loss, it is very straightforward and important distinction.

TIP: To assist the process of choosing your ideal weight, it is recommended to consult your doctor or use a target weight calculator. Fix the weight you have chosen, because this is going to be the weight that you are satisfied with.

Step Two: Decide What Would You Like To Change
Bear in mind that weight loss affirmations or weight loss pills will not help you to achieve weight loss quick. You should make changes in your diet and in your levels of physical activity which are worsened by the depression problems. Define exactly what changes should be made to attain your goal besides setting the target weight. Doing this you will give your subconscious mind a definite set of actions that your body will need to take. This will also help you to overcome depression.

Step Three: Create Your Affirmations
When you made your mind on what changes should be done and set your target weight, create your affirmations. To do this, you should follow four main principles:

1) They should be made in present tense

2) They should be made in the first person

3) They should be made affirmative

4) They should be action oriented

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Action oriented means that the affirmations address a definite action from step two. To put it in other words:

“I am eating more natural foods and therefore attaining my normal weight through increasing my metabolic rate”.

“I am achieving my ideal weight doing resistance workouts and cardiovascular training. I am committed.”

“I am satisfied with increased levels of energy and self-esteem due to my commitment to the right nutrition and intensified physical activity”.

Watch carefully how these weight loss affirmations were created. As they were created in the present tense, they were action oriented. This is the way they should be written. At last you put them to work.

Step Four: Regular Rehearsing
Changing the subconscious mind will fight your depression problems. For instance, if you decided to join the gym for several times, do not expect to achieve permanent results. Therefore you should commit yourself to regular activity, this should become a part of your life. Enjoy it and you will solve your depression problems. When you created your weight loss affirmations, repeat them aloud very morning and evening.

If you came to the stage when weight loss is an important issue – then you need to know how to lose weight fast.

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