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Each Woman Dreams To Lose Some Kilograms

Each woman dreams to lose some kilograms. To make this they try to follow to a large quantity of diets. Many choose the fastest, easy and effective diets, in cases if they need the result immediately.

It is necessary to understand diet as a correctly organized food thanks to which it is possible to feel well and not to get excess weight.

Today there is a large quantity of fast diets. In their basis lies the use of any certain kind of a product or caloric content restriction, and also an exception of a diet or fats, either fibers, or carbohydrates. The diet can render also and negative influence on an organism.

There are some the most known express-diets:

Protein diet.

The essence of a protein diet consists in excluding all carbohydrates and to pass to the use of protein products. It is a lot of variants of the given kind of a diet, but basically in food is recommended to use low-fat meat and fishes, the eggs, fat-free cottage cheese, kefir, and also mineral water, green tea and unsweetened coffee. To support balance of vitamins of a diet it is possible to include a grapefruit. Efficiency of a protein diet is expressed in deducing from a liquid organism, and also that at deficiency of carbohydrates the organism starts to extract energy from fibers. You shouldn’t keep such diet more than 3-5 days. Despite that it is not hungry, but because of shortage of carbohydrates the person can suffer from a headache, feel weakness, lose concentration of attention, because to brain is necessary an energy.

Special diet.

The essence of special diets consists in the use of one product some days. Strict diets are constructed on the use of such products as kefir, rice, buckwheat, and apples. The negative factor of such diets is that is psychologically hard to eat some days the same products. The diet principle is a slashing of caloric content of a habitual diet, and also a complete elimination of fats. The organism starts to suffer from absence of vitamins and microelements; therefore application of such diets can be justified as clearing of an organism within 1-3 days.

Low-calorie and low-carbohydrate diets.

The contents of such diets are rather different. During each food intake the portion should be small. It is possible to use unsweetened coffee, green tea, a grapefruit, an orange, eggs, the boiled meat, prepared on pair fish and vegetables, fresh vegetables, unsweetened fruit and kefir. It is necessary to exclude salty, fried and milk products. Similar diets are recommended to keep within 1-2 weeks, and loss of 5-7 kilograms becomes their result.

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Negative effect of fast diets:

– Excess weight loss is caused first of all by liquid deducing, loss of muscular weight, but not fat.

– Shortage of carbohydrates leads to a feeling sick and slows down mental work. Together with a liquid potassium and calcium is gone from an organism.

– The lost kilograms are return very fast, because the weakened organism will make up the lost elements very fast.

To reduce risks to a minimum, application of vitamins and mineral complexes is necessary, and also not to reduce quantity of calories less, than 1000 calories in a day, not to be beyond the offered term. And still, it is necessary to finish a diet correctly. Moderate physical activity is necessary. There is no necessity to use a considerable quantity of carbohydrates and fats at once.

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