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Drink Green Tea To Lose Weight Effectively

Green tea has many beneficial properties that affect human health in a very positive way. Moreover, green tea can also help many people to get rid of excess weight. If you can be referred to one of these people and you are also concerned with your weight, you just need to drink green tea for weight loss.

Green tea and weight loss have become a hot topic these days. So, it is known as an effective way for weight loss. Due to this more and more people start using it in their regular diets hoping to shed extra pounds. But is drinking green tea for weight loss really effective? Here you can see some facts that will prove this statement.

1) Green tea raves up your metabolic rate
It has been stated that drinking green tea for weight loss is an effective weight loss option. It was researched that using green tea extract offers a substantial increase in energy expenditure that is also called metabolic boost. The researchers state that green tea extract has properties that help increase metabolism by 4 percent over a 24-hour period. Metabolism is increased due to high concentrations of catechin polyphenols contained in green tea. The catechins help to boost fat oxidation levels and increase the process of thermogenesis, the process by which the body produces heat or energy by boosting the metabolic rate.

2) Green tea helps you burn more calories
People who chose drinking green tea are on the right path. Researches performed on the health benefits of green tea proved that adults who drink green tea can burn 78 calories per day. The amount of calories burned depends upon the person’s size. Aside from size, a person’s present weight also affects the number of calories burnt. Nonetheless, these two are not the only aspects that affect your metabolism. Other aspects that affect you calorie burning capability are the combination of food you consume and the regularity of physical activity.

2) Green tea decreases fat absorption
Studies have proved that green tea can reduce the absorption of fat from the gastrointestinal tract into the bloodstream after meals. Catechinis contained in green tea is considered to work by suppressing the lipid absorption from the diet. The catechin function is vital because it prevents the body from generating fat, lowering the cholesterol level at the same time.

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In one animal study, a group of rats were fed with meals that include a large amount of catechins; when the other group was fed polyphenol-free food. The results showed that rats that consumed catechin products had an increased fat secretion in their feces. This study had the same results with people.

3) Green tea helps weight loss by controlling glucose
Weight gain commonly happens when excess sugar and fat are stored in the body as fat cells. By using green tea for weight loss, you can help your body to get rid of fat cells.

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