Don’t Killing Your Babies With Smoking.

Of course I know for sure that doing and saying are rather opposite things. But any way I should tell something about this. So I’m going to talk about quitting nicotine. You should do it for the sake of your children first of all. Of course I mean those kids who haven’t come in this world yet.

To my great regret poor children are often affected by smoking adults. In fact it doesn’t matter whether they are born or unborn. Any way adults abuse kids when they smoke near them or when the mother is still pregnant. So it’s very essential to quit smoking.

As for me I hate these pregnant moms who can’t live without a cigarette. I really have no reasons to respect them because they aren’t likely to preserve their unborn children. When I see these moms I always want to tell them abusive words. But certainly I’m patient enough though I feel sorry to see this every day.

Perhaps it’s our fault that we do nothing to educate these moms and other smoking people. I’m sure that it is our responsibility to explain to these people that they are doing wrong especially during pregnancy. We should convince them that nicotine kills their future kids.

I bet that you aren’t aware of the fact whether your baby will contain as much nicotine as your smoking spouse has or not. God only knows, but the matter is that the scaring truth can arise suddenly. So you’d better stay away from this in advance until you still have some time.

By the way this damn nicotine provides premature babies with asthma as well as with other respiratory problems. Poor babies have to suffer because of this craziness adults do every day. But we should realize that our babies are the most valuable thing in the world.

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Of course I know that quitting this trash is really hard because I also tried this. But any way I managed to give up. And I’m proud of this. And I was guilty. It was my guilt of being a crazy smoker. I realize that I did wrong. At that time I craved for cigarettes every day. It was very difficult for me to quit this. And sometimes I was even likely to surrender. Who is this damn inventor of this craziness? I don’t know that guy but I know for sure that I hate him. But to be honest it doesn’t matter now because I’m not longer a smoker to my great luck of course. But I should be grateful not only to my luck but to my great will as well. I’m not going to kill my babies. I’d like to let them appear in this world.

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