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Does P90X Work For Skinny Guys – How To Build Muscle For Skinny Guys

If you’re a skinny guy and you want to know does P90x work, then keep reading this article.

Skinny guys always have a tough time building muscle. They are already skinny, so it’s not unusual that they can’t put on any weight.

However, when you come across a program like P90x, where you see many people completely transform there bodies, it really makes you wonder does P90x work for skinny guys.

In a short plain simple, yes, skinny guys can build muscle using the P90x program. It’s a very intense program, which if followed completely and correctly, can give you stunning results.

However, the P90x program isn’t the only program nor is it the best program out there.

P90x has been proven to work, but it isn’t the most efficent way to build muscle. The P90x workout program has you performing exercise nearly every day of the week. The 7th day is an optional rest day if you need it or you can perform more exercises.

The problem with working out everyday of the week is for one, many people do not have the time in their busy life and schedules to workout everyday and the second is that this isn’t the best way to build muscle. Working out everyday can be too much for your muscles and you run a risk of injuring yourself even though P90x focuses much on stretching.

If you think working out every day is going to be tough, each workout is anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes each. Each week you will have to spend anywhere from 6 (minimum) to 10 1/2 (max.) hours a week working out.

An hour and a half each day is a lot of time to dedicate to your workouts in today’s world.

P90x does work well, even for skinny guys as long as you follow the schedule exactly, along with the diet plan.

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However, If you are looking to save time, but you still want to get the same fast results as the P90x, Jeff Cavaliere’s Athlean-X program is right for you. Want to find out more, read my Athlean X Review.

“Since you’re interested in the P90x program, it’s easy to assume that you want to get into better shape, whether you want lose weight, build muscle, get strong, more ripped, or just a workout routine to follow.

People of all sizes look into the P90x system, but is it for everyone? In a short simple answer, yes, the P90x does work for everyone. However and this is a big however, it is a very intense workout and I don’t recommend following it completely when starting out.

The program has you train in the comfort of your own home, follow Tony Horton’s DVDs of workout routines. If you aren’t very active, you will want to limit how much you workout in the beginning. Therefore, if your overweight, it will take longer than 90 Days to get a ripped, lean body. But, that goes for every workout program. You want to treat your body with care, you never want to rush changes as it can lead to other health problems.

So, yes, Tony Horton’s P90 works, but if you aren’t already active, you want to use a program which does have you workout so much, because it is a very intense workout.”

To read more about P90x, check out Does P90x Really Work?

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