Weight Loss

Do You Wish To Grow Thin?

Do you wish to grow thin? In this case you should eat 24 hours a day!

«You should have pasture forage meal» – like this some people name the system of food with little portions – much more effectively for the weight control, than strict diets. When we eat only three times a day and, accordingly, by big portions, our organism receives at once a large quantity of energy – “fuel”, – which surplus is saved in fat. But frequent and small portions in regular intervals give necessary quantity of energy during the day.

Some words are about big pluses of small portions.
We support energy and eat food with a small quantity. The food gives to organism energy – functioning, the organism burns this energy. Fragile balance is easy for breaking, missing food intakes or don’t meal for a long time. When level of sugar maintenance in blood high enough, we feel full of strength. When this level falls, we feel weight in all body. Hence, to feel full of energy throughout all day – it is necessary to eat often that will allow supporting stable level of sugar in blood.

We hasten a metabolism. Our organism is genetically programmed on conservation of energy when food intake stops. Level of the maintenance of sugar in blood decreases in each 3 hours, therefore if we eat nothing thereby to raise this level also the metabolism is slowed down. Dieticians notice that women who get three meals a day have higher percent of fatty adjournment, which, in their opinion, were formed because of big breaks between food intakes.

We grow thin. It is difficult to lose weight, when the organism tries to grasp each calorie. And the low maintenance of sugar in blood is one of hunger stimulators. Besides, long breaks between food intakes lead to an irrational choice of dishes. If you have really got hungry, and in a refrigerator have found out a bunch of crude carrots and a slice of a pie what will be your choice? And this choice quickly leads to increase in weight. And frequent food intakes will not allow appearing mad hunger. Food consumption in a small amount always effectively affects a female figure.

We stabilize mood. The meal and mood are interconnected, and more frequent consumption of food promotes change of a chemical compound of a brain. The main thing – to include in a diet complex carbohydrates – fruit, vegetables and grain crops – they stabilize level of serotonin – chemical substance as a part of a brain promoting improving of mood. And it is also a principle of energizers action. These medicinal substances raise serotonin level and prevent its fast and strong decrease. The frequent meal is making the same function.

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