Do You Want Your Feet Were Healthy?

Varicose expansion of veins is today widespread enough disease, especially among women. The illness principal cause is an increase of intravascular pressure of blood in veins. It is considered that many are predisposed to varicose expansion of veins genetically. And it is true. However there is a number of the external factors promoting both progressing of illness, and its preventive maintenance.

Primary varicose expansion is connected with weakness or functional infringements of a venous wall. In process of disease progressing there is a fatigue, feeling of weight in feet, spasms in muscles, especially in the evening and sometimes and at night. If to neglect the given disease thare is probability of complications including disease by a thrombophlebitis. Promote development of varicose expansion of veins:

Congenital weakness of a connecting fabric;
Excessive weight;
Long stay in a standing position;
Carrying of stockings and golf with excessively squeezing elastic bands.
Varicose expansion of veins is a system disease and, unfortunately, completely to recover from it is not probably even if you have taken place a treatment complete course. In any case, it is necessary to adhere to a complex of preventive procedures which will help to avoid the further development of illness.

It is necessary to carry linen during physical activities and to remove it only later 20-30 minutes after training. (By the way, employment by aerobics, run, swimming in a moderate mode promote improvement of your veins).

If you are not sick with it but only are predisposed to it, for preventive maintenance daily self-massage, with soft massage feet from below-upwards. If the diagnosis “varicose expansion of veins” is already put, massage procedures of feet are forbidden!

When you have a rest, read the book, watch TV – shower feet above. Can enclose a high pillow or the platen.

The big advantage will be brought by daily performance of special exercises.

Lifting on socks
Starting position – we stand directly, stops are parallel each other and pressed one to another. On the bill of times – rise on socks, on the bill two – fall to a starting position. To repeat 20-30 times.

Lifting (socks are separately)

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Starting position – we stand directly, heels are together, socks are separately. On the bill of times – rise on socks, on the bill two – fall to a starting position. To repeat 20-30 times.

Lifting (heels – separately)

Starting position – we stand directly, socks – together, heels – separately. On the bill of times – rise on socks, on the bill two – fall to a starting position. To repeat 20-30 times.

You can carry out these simple exercises even being engaged in daily affairs (when cook porridge to the favourite child or stand at the copier at office).

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