Do You Want To Have Perfect Figure?

The summer will come soon and it would be desirable to do a lot of things, we want to sunbathe, to have a rest and to be in the desired form. There is nothing easier – we will help you to put for some weeks the body in order and to have time to flash the harmonous figure on a populous beach.

To be engaged in the summer with your body is possible without exhausting diets. It gives us fine possibility in all accessible ways to improve the form. This both intensive swimming and bicycle campaigns, and jog on park, and simply intolerable heat when sweat pours hailstones, positively will affect your figure. And if you still begin morning with gymnastics in due course will see how exercises on an extension will improve your bearing, will make muscles more elastic, and gait elastic. Here we will be engaged today with the elementary physical exercises.

To begin with take as a rule to carry out exercises every morning if wish to have seductive forms. And go forward. Begin gymnastics with rotation by a neck on the big circle. Try to do it slowly and softly feeling admissible amplitude of rotation. Then make circular motions by hands releasing a humeral belt. Further move hands to the left-to the right. The following step is peak rotations on a waistline. And further rotations by hips – on and counter-clockwise to result in an elastic condition a backbone. This is main thing.

Then stretch muscles of feet, warm up sheaves, it helps very well to be in a shape. Try to concern with a head of knees of the straightened feet. All gymnastics entirely will occupy from you about 5 minutes but the effect from it will be shaking you will not only get in due course attractive forms but also improve the state of mind.
If you wish to strengthen muscles of the body, that, besides gymnastics carry out one more complex of exercises for which no dumbbells or training apparatus will be necessary for you. The body will be the fine assistant to you. These exercises should be carried out at a wall. Each movement will be repeated 7-9 times enough.

So, wish to strengthen muscles of a breast, hands and a humeral belt – please. Make pumps under an inclination and you will feel pleasant pressure in muscles. And wish to tighten muscles of a back and a back part of a hip, touch on a wall hands before yourself falling downwards. Feet thus should be straight lines and a back is equal. Thus you can even get a tip of a nose to the knees. And if you from vertical position bend at an angle 45 degrees and then, having made a start from a wall will return to a starting position (“rock” thus sometimes) perfectly will train muscles of hands, waists, a breast and hips.

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