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Do Popular Diets Really Work?

What diets work? And what diets do not work? There are 38000 thousand of books about diets. Every year 2500 of new books are published, and there are also a lot of magazines where recipes of universal diets are monthly printed. Recently even researchers have joined this process. National institutes of health and the medical centres at universities have spent many years and money for research of a diet of Atkins, a diet of the American association of heart diseases and Zone.

During the researches some unexpectedness have been found out. The low fat diet, approved by many official groups, is not so useful and effective as experts used to consider. Some people really lose weight keeping such diets. But it often occurs that the process of losing weight is going very slowly, about 500 grammes a month. Besides, the research has shown, while the level of cholesterol LDL low-density lipoprotein falls, the level of cholesterol HDL high-density lipoprotein falls too. Low fat diets reduce the level of triglyceride, and it increases the risk of heart attack.

And the low carbohydrates-high proteins diet, for example, the diet of Atkins as it has appeared, is enough safe and effective. According to this diet it is allowed to eat eggs and bacon, but bread is forbidden. The researches has shown that for people, who suffer from overweight or adiposity, it is the best variant of a diet. These diets work in the direction that is necessary – Ronald Kraus, the doctor of medicine, the senior researcher of Research institute Oklanda at children’s hospital and the representative of the American association of heart diseases speaks. The weight decreases, the level of triglyceride and cholesterol LDL decreases, and the level of cholesterol HDL remains. Keeping low carbohydrates diets, sensitivity of insulin gets better, and it reduces the risk of diabetes.

Moreover the low carbohydrates-high proteins diets burn superfluous kilograms faster, than low fat diets for example. In the last researches the scientists of Standord have decided to oppose popular diets of Atkins, Zone, Ornish and LEARN (Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitudes, Relationships, Nutrition) to each other. In 12 months the volunteers who were keeping the diet of Atkins, have lost most of all kilograms (twice more), than that those who kept other diets.

But if you need to lose much weight, then this diet probably won’t work for you. Average loss of weight is 5 kilograms.

Actually during the last studying of popular diets, the diet of Atkins is rising to become a leader during the first months, burning faster and more fats. The majority of experts think that high protein food satiates better than high carbohydrate.

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But, unfortunately, the leadership of the diet of Atkins gradually decreases by the end of the year. In 2006 the British researches comparing four the most known diets, showed that volunteers lost weight more keeping the low carbohydrates-high proteins diet. But by the end of the year, weight loss on all diets is approximately identical, about 6 kg. Researches have noted a high indicator of returning to former weight. It occurs because people can not keep an exhausting diet for a long time.

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