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Comparing your figure with the figure of your mum, what it can tell us

Whether you are doomed to inherit the same figure as at your mother? New researches of geneticists can bring clearness to this boiling issue.

Figure as at mum?

Young women disturbs whether tendency to corpulence will be descended by her. According to experts, genes really define to 80 percent of weight and considerably influence the body form. But the environment and way of life role also doesn’t need to be underestimated. Health of the woman depends on many factors and it is quite possible to affect some of them.

Experts of the National center of health (USA) consider that the factor of environment and a personal position of the person are very important. 65 percent of Americans have today excess weight, up to adiposity. And it is a little bound to genetics: “adiposity epidemic” has begun not so long ago.

Figure by right of succession? Is it possible or not?

The reason more likely consists in culture of meal – the raised caloric content of nutrition is dangerous even to the people genetically not inclined to completeness.

Female forms are influenced considerably also by fitness. Modern women of 25-30 years have not so womanly and roundish forms, as their contemporaries quarter of the century back. They more tightened and brawny. The reason of it consists in a concentrated sport enrollment.

Some women are so afraid to have figures as at their mothers that the pavor becomes the most powerful factor of their motivation. Psychologist Sherri Delinsky says that often faces in the practice similar situations. Sometimes young women simply receive additional stimulus to watch the appearance. But in extreme cases such fears can lead to alienations.

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In spite of the fact that the figure is in many respects predetermined, it at all isn’t a sentence. Eventually, according to the experts, each person is the manager of the life. And what will be your appearance mostly depends only on you.

Harm of fried nutrition. Don’t forget to watch what you consume!

Scientists from the Harvard University have conducted new research to find out how the fried nutrition is harmful to female health. Experience included wide female audience – 87000 women have taken part in experiment.

Harm of fried nutrition:

Experts don’t hasten to please us with results – in fried meal is a considerable quantity of transfats which, according to dietarians, can serve as the reason of a cardiac standstill at the women predisposed to diseases of cardiovascular system contains.

Also at examinees, in whose ration the fried nutrition prevailed, the risk of occurrence in vessels of atherosclerotic plaques raised and level of bad cholesterol grew in a blood. Scientists advise to women to limit themselves in consumption of the fried.

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