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Diets For Fast Growing Thin

Diets for fast growing thin really allow enough quickly to lower weight. But impressing effect is given by using rigid diet only for short terms or, in another way, by low-calorie diets, poor fiber, minerals and food fibres. Unfortunately, each medal has underside and such diets for fast growing thin, at their very long observance, can cause such unpleasant conditions as dizziness, depression, irritability, an anemia and depression of a bone fabric. At many chronic diseases some diets for fast growing thin can be counter-indicative in general. As shows the experiment the serious consequence of rigid restriction of a habitual food allowance is depression.
But even having achieved weight reduction by means of a diet for fast growing thin it is difficult to be assured that after the termination of a diet the weight won’t return to former level. Therefore during observance of a diet for fast growing thin it is useful to reconsider in general the relation to food.

Thus, diets for fast growing thin allow to lose superfluous kgs quickly but for a short term. If it is necessary to reduce weight for a long time it is better to prefer more long-term and softer diets.

Short diets are injurious to health, they even cause organism accustoming and speed of loss of superfluous kgs starts to fall considerably or stops at all. And here muscles can start “thaw” simply.
Rigid diets for fast growing thin occupy as a rule some days when it is necessary to starve (sometimes on 500 kcals a day!) surviving on the minimum set of unnutritious products. Small examples of diets for very fast growing thin for three-four days: a supper is replaced with kefir or unsweetened broth from grasses or berries. It allows an organism to get rid quickly of an unnecessary liquid and a fat small amount, it gives treasured reduction of a waist by pair centimeters.

Such low-calorie diets for fast growing thin work by a following principle. Fatty stocks of an organism burn down at the expense of serious restriction of caloric content of a diet. Daily caloric content should make thus no more than 1500 kcals for women. Low-calorie diets effectively operate, as a rule, no more than 14 days. Weight reduction at such diet can reach 5-7 kg for two weeks. In order reduce harm from a diet for fast growing thin it is necessary to pay special attention on the maintenance of vitamins, microcells and mineral substances in used products. Restriction of volume and caloric content of food shouldn’t lead to shortage of the vital substances. An example of an effective low-calorie diet:

1st breakfast: one boiled egg, coffee or tea without sugar.

2nd breakfast (12 hours): a little low-fat cottage cheese, kefir or a glass of vegetable juice.

Dinner:150 g a chicken, fish or meat, salad from crude vegetables with the lemon juice, fruit or 150 g of strawberries, sweet cherries, cherries.

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Supper: infusion from calming and vitamin grasses.

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