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Diets For Effective Weight Loss

Nowadays almost everybody is concerned with their weight and many people would like to shed excess pounds. People with excess weight have different reasons for putting off weight, some would do this for health reasons, others think about aesthetic issues. Actually it does not matter what the reason is, all these people have a goal in common and this is losing weight.

Nonetheless, weight loss program is not actually the problem; the main thing is suitability of the program. A person should understand that if she or he wants to lose weight effectively, he or she should select weight loss program that is suitable for his or her needs. When it comes to losing weight fast, there are three effective weight loss programs that should be efficient. To assist you in choosing the right program, I am going to guideline each program and enlighten its benefits and drawbacks.

a. South Beach Diet
The main goal of the South Beach Diet is not weight loss; this diet aims to help patients who have heart related disease. Nonetheless, the cardiologist who created this diet revealed that it is effective in enhancing health conditions of cardiac patients and helps them to shed their excess pounds.

A South Beach Diet has three phases. The first phase includes reducing the amount of carbohydrates being consumed, the phase lasts for 2 weeks often. The goal of this phase is to deal with the resistance of the body to insulin and losing about 13 pounds initially. The second phase is the re-presentation of low glycemic carbohydrates which are contained in vegetables and fruits. During this phase a person is supposed to lose 1 – 2 pounds per week. And the last, the third phase is called the lifestyle phase and it lasts during the whole lifetime because the person chooses to stay on a South Beach Diet.
Benefits: This diet includes low-saturated and low-fatted meals and it is also easy to be followed.

Disadvantages: The lack of meal size specification and can end up with overeating which in turn will defeat the purpose of the program. Consumption of a great amount of dairy products can leave people who are lactose intolerant out of options. In the end, this weight loss regime does not include much vitamins, fiber and minerals.

a. Precision Nutrition
This kind of weight loss program aims to balance nutrients contained in a wide range of foods. For instance, starchy and complex carbohydrates are strictly limited. A person can consume these carbohydrates after some physical workouts. Moreover, you can consume different foods since you balance the nutrient contents of each meal. To assist you with this, this weight loss diet offers a recipe book, a guidance of specifying the foods and of course, some tips on cooking quick and healthy meals.

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Benefits: you can eat and cook tasty recipes of meals that are well balanced. This diet was created by scientific research and professional sport organizations.

Drawbacks: if you are looking for quick weight loss, this diet is not for you, because it is focused on long-term weight loss for the lifetime. This diet plan can be costly.

If you want to achieve your weight loss goals, you should choose a diet plan that is suitable for you and meets all your needs and requirements.

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