Weight Loss

“Dietary” Errors And How To Avoid Them!

Or what to do that abstention from habitual meal wasn’t wrapped by continuous stress, and the lost kgs haven’t come back?

If you want to begin be ready “to tighten a girdle” in direct, and figurative sense. Such is an unwritten rule. As practice shows, this readiness – usually such hot and at a choice of the schedule of a food – decreases in the beginning directly proportionally to quantity of days spent on a diet. It is not surprising that towards the end of “term” so it is often possible to hear type phrases: «U-u-u … I can not look at this hen (cabbage and so forth). It is sad that many don’t ask at all a question: what has gone badly? Why the promised easy losing weight has turned to voluntary torture?

As the dietarians explain it is necessary to search for the answer not so much in a ration, how many in an organism of the losing weight person. She has told about six most widespread errors and delusions people who sit on a diet.

1. It is considered that the faster person starts to lose kgs during a diet the higher effect she or he gets from it. It isn’t true. Too fast losing weight is dangerous to organism. First, at homing to a usual diet, instead of the dumped 5-7 kg, quickly enough it is possible to gain all 10. And secondly, it is possible quite really to provoke a serious intoxication of an organism. The matter is that all fast diets are fraught with loss not so much “hated” fat, how many vital water and active cellular mass. Doesn’t get a liquid, there is a disturbance of abstersive and secretory function of organs. All signs of a poisoning: a nausea, a headache, fatigability may occur. So, as they say, more haste less speed.

Council. Reasonable process of losing weight is a loss of 300-400 grams of fat for a week and no more than 500-800 grams of gross weight.

2. My fat – only a cosmetic disadvantage.

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According to the dietarian, almost nobody perceives excess weight and adiposity, as serious illness. And meanwhile, without the form and adiposity degree to corpulent people who want to pick up the effective scheme of dietetic therapy simply not to manage as well as without the aid of the expert.

There are some forms of adiposity:

At visceral – fat is postponed basically in the field of a stomach. The more it is postponed the more disturbances we get from a gastro enteric tract. And it in turn says about disturbance of development of the hormones promoting normal digestion and as to a metabolism that happens at a chronic hyper alimentation. It is the most dangerous kind of adiposity, as it is one of the reasons of a myocardial infarction, an atherosclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease.

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