Weight Loss

“Dietary” Errors And How To Avoid Them! Part 2

1. The microelement disorder

Fast losing weight leads to a misbalance in an organism of trace substances (especially sodium and potassium), vitamins and fats. Besides, thanking to “an abrupt diet” in a blood of the person the quantity of urinary acid and so-called cetin bodies which are formed at splitting of albuminous nutrition is enlarged. Because of deficiency of a liquid and antioxidants the organism hasn’t time to clear away from them vessels and tissues, therefore the person suffers from intoxication.

Council. Lose weight slowly. During a diet accept antioxidants: they are contained by green teas, the products rich with vitamin C, fruit and vegetables which have red and orange coloring.

2. I won’t give in to depression

All diets (vegetarian, sports, Japanese, Hollywood, on a blood type etc.) are the gages calculated on reduction of quantity of consumption of nutrition and calories. Therefore they also give fast effect of losing weight which can be good for a figure, but harms to an organism and not only physically. As we have already told, the person loses weight at the expense of the reserve possibilities, its organism suffers from stress, and endorphin development (a pleasure hormone) accordingly decreases.

Besides, that fact that you should limit yourselves in a nutrition choice – today I for a breakfast have eaten one egg, one orange and for a dinner I will eat that and that … and to a step aside – injures mentality. The majority of diets exclude possibility of festive tables. And if during sitting on a diet you have bee unexpectedly invited somewhere?

Certainly, it is necessary to endow something! Besides, the high security at which even if it would be desirable is impossible to resolve to itself at least a small sweet candy, precisely isn’t good and is fraught with depression. And after all to receive pleasure from nutrition, especially for people with excess weight – a thing same important, as well as, for example, dialogue for fans to talk.

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Council. If you have seriously decided to take care of the own life, instead of a diet (that is a temporary restriction in a food), pass to a rational diet. The dietitian can make it only.

3. Feeling of hunger

It is not necessary to deceive yourself. If you have started a diet and after each food intake feel hungry – this diet not for you! Besides, it is well-known that correct losing weight should be complex and include exercise stresses. So at a power supply circuit choice in the menu it is important to provide and possible power inputs. The correct ration in such cases provides the use of larger quantity of carbohydrates, that is vegetables rich with them and fruit, milk products which give saturation and normalize albuminous balance.

Council. Besides the described nuances of the competent dietarian at cooking of your power supply circuit should consider many other factors: age, sex activity, the hormone status, resistibility level to infections and stresses, vitamins and trace substances.

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