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Dietary Cheating

During the observance of diets the following law is frequently observed: the first some days (usually 5-7) go prompt dump of superfluous kgs but then process is slowed down. It is caused by that low-calorie diets are perceived as a signal to economy of stocks of hypodermic fat. The person starts to grow thin more slowly and the stimulus definitively vanishes.

For this purpose, what to exclude occurrence of such situation dietician Dzhoel Marion has developed a special method which has received the name of cheating. The word of cheating has come to us from English language and is translated as a cheating or a deceit. Frequently to cheating equate days of limited intake of food but this erroneous opinion. The essence of cheating consists that we have a rest from every possible dietary restrictions and we eat everything that will want, therefore it still name in the “loading” afternoon.

Such “loading” days promote metabolism acceleration, and it, in turn, doesn’t give will be slowed down to growing thin process. Besides in that case after the termination of a course of a diet excess weight doesn’t come back. One more important plus of cheating is that the person keeping to a diet doesn’t feel a habitual condition of apathy and irritability.

If you have thought that cheating is an uncontrolled eating of food we hasten to disappoint you. As well as any other technique of a food at cheating has the rules which infringement can lead to a set of excess weight and problems with digestion.
Rules dietary of cheating

1. How to be loaded?

Is it is possible all products in which not enough fat and many complex carbohydrates and proteins (for example contains: vegetables, porridges, fruit with the high maintenance of a cellulose). Also it is necessary to limit yourself in consumption of simple carbohydrates of type of sugar and to drink a lot of not aerated mineral water.

2. How many to load in addition?

If you intend to use cheating more than two days on end necessarily increase the day diet by 10-20 %. For this purpose it is necessary to find out how many calories you “eat” daily. For example, you “eat” 1500 kcal, your “loading” day means will consist approximately from 1725 kcal. If duration of cheating makes 1-2 days, you can safely increase caloric content of a diet by 1000-2000 kcal.

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3. How long to continue?

Usually “loading” days is possible to spend time in 1-2 weeks, such days from 24 till 72 hours (optimum – 48 hours) last. But duration is the individual size, after all each organism has own speed of the response.

Keep in mind that “loading” days can’t be passed in no event even if you are assured that can make it. Breaking a mode, you subject yourselves to threat of not so planned failure during which time superfluous kgs can return and get rid of them will be very difficult.

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