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Diet. Vitamins And Mineral Substances.

Many processes in an organism aren’t carried out without vitamins and mineral substances. Resistibility concerns such processes to infections, in particular.

Vitamins share on two categories: fat-soluble vitamins A, D, Е and water-soluble vitamins and vitamin C. The major mineral substances rank calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, iodine, sulfur, phosphorus, iron, copper, zinc and silicon. The organism can’t develop neither vitamins nor mineral substances by itself, they should arrive with food. The raised requirement for these elements is tested by pregnant women, smokers, sportswomen, and also women in stress.

Blitz-diets, monotonous or improper feeding (sweets, “the fast food”, ready dishes) can lead to food infringement. Immunity easing, feeling of weariness and weakness, skin inflammations, sight easing, and also metabolism infringements, muscular weakness and loss of teeth happens as a consequence. Considerable shortage of vitamins and mineral substances lets itself know very quickly being reflected, in particular in appearance and mood.
And to satisfy requirement for these nutrients is very simply because they contain almost in all foodstuff. The best sources of vitamins and mineral substances are: meat, the fish, all kinds of fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, milk and dairy products, eggs, bean, butter, margarine and vegetable oil.

Watch cooking.
In order to keep in foodstuff vitamins and mineral substances it is necessary to observe some rules. At storage and preparation vitamins can collapse from influence of air, light, heat and partly — waters.
Vegetables, greens and fruit need to be stored for not a long time and exclusively in a cool, dry and dark place. Besides you have to wash fresh products expediently only once, directly ahead of the use, quickly and carefully. Some vitamins and mineral substances take especially active part in fat burning:

• Vitamin C with which participation noradrenaline — a stress hormone is developed concerns them, for example. This hormone influences so that the stress is positively perceived by an organism and at this time especially a lot of fat was transformed to energy. The less vitamin C is in organism, the less a hormone-splitter is developed. The best suppliers of vitamin C are sour fruits and berries, for example, lemons, grapefruits, a kiwi, a cherry, a gooseberry and a black currant.
• Magnesium is necessary for an organism for fat splitting. Magnesium function is to promote the fastest activization of a metabolism. Magnesium contains in bean and, first of all, in all products from integral grain.

• Holin prevents pasting of cages and promotes unobstructed penetration into fatty cages of hormones — devourers of fat.

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• Besides, holin promotes carnitine liberation. It is the organic acid transporting fat in cellular burning chambers where it will be transformed to energy. The carnitine can be developed by an organism only in very insignificant quantity.

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