Weight Loss

Diet Or Sports? What To Choose?

Many active people are inclined to connect loss of weight and physical exercises. They trust (and assure others) that the more exercises they do the more kgs dump. Unfortunately it is no more than a popular belief. Ask the girl-friends whom it is regular and throughout long time are engaged in gyms – whether really they see direct dependence between quantity of exercises and a weight loss? Hardly you will hear unequivocal “yes”.

It is interesting that men will answer you in the affirmative more likely. It is enough to very often men to add pair of exercises (and, certainly, to refuse beer and fat food) – and weight loss is available. We should experiment, select to ourselves the individual program of trainings, to spend long hours per sports hall – and frequently all the same not to receive satisfaction results.

If you want to grow thin not only at the expense of diets but also thanks to exercises it will be useful for you to learn about some “training” myths and their exposure.

1. Exercises lower appetite.
Really, exercises can muffle for a while appetite but hunger will overtake you within an hour-two after employment. Appetite is partially regulated by body temperature and environment. Therefore if after employment you feel excited and out of breath hunger for a while recedes. But here if you leave a hall shivering (for example, after swimming in pool) almost for certain you will feel hungry.
Dependence of appetite on exercises also differ for men and women. The men who are engaged regularly have a happy tendency to lose appetite and at the same time and weight. And here unfortunate women… Yes-yes, appetite at them only is played. Accordingly, the weight doesn’t decrease.

One more greatest injustice consists that the thicker is the man the easier he loses weight in the course of intensive playing sports.
2. You are engaged more – you grow thin more strongly.
Alas, usually all looks a little not so. Actually, than more you are engaged – especially strong hunger test after employment.
Here again men are happier than women. Scientists within 18 months observed of group of normally weighing men and women. Intensity and quantity of exercises gradually raised. In the end of the period of the man received on 500 calories in day more than in the term beginning and have lost about 4 kg of fat. And women have increased the daily norm of calories of all by 60 units, thus some fat haven’t lost gram!

In a word, influence of physical employment on weight – business dark and unreliable, besides – complex.

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3. The weight decreases faster if to be engaged not too intensively and on an empty stomach.
Special complexes of exercises “on fat burning” – employment in not too fast rate which assume fat burning, instead of carbohydrates in an organism are considered optimum for weight reduction. Those who is engaged in aerobic sports believe that will burn more fat if will carry out exercises before meal. Alas, it is not so. The matter is not in quantity of the calories burned for one session of employment but in balance of energy consumed/burnt for a day. A secret one: you will spend calories more than eat – you will grow thin.

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