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Diet Of 10 Products: We Grow Thin With Taste!

The word “diet” at many associates with strict restrictions, cruel deprivations, it is literally are physical sufferings of soul and a body. Daily kefir causes proof disgust. Ineradicable the cabbage and apples are the basic theme of your dreadful dreams. Sellers of rice in the market learn you and do discounts, as to the constant perspective client. However, gloomily? And it is necessary to grow thin all the same ….

If you don’t feel sufficient conviction that can stay week on a strict monodiet, try to begin with softer such as «the Diet of 10 products». Game rules are simple: within a week to combine in the diet of 10 various products, thus for all day it is possible to eat no more than 1,5 kgs of food. Components can be combined in the most improbable dishes, to combine, apparently, incompatible products, to experiment proportions and seasonings.

The list of the resolved products:
1. White fowl — chicken— or low-fat, boiled fish on pair;
2. Boiled eggs;
3. Fat-free kefir fat content not above 2 %;
4. Tomatoes;
5. Vegetable marrows;
6. Cabbage — color, a kohlrabi, Bruxelles,
7. Cucumbers;
8. Stewed eggplants;
9. Carrots;
10. A citrus — grapefruits, oranges — or apples, preferably of green color.
Any products, except listed above are forbidden. The special attention is given to volume of consumed food. Less than one and a half kgs a day it is possible to eat, it is impossible categorically to eat more. Products are combined in any proportions and combinations, the serving size too isn’t limited. The main condition is to eat during the day all products entering into the list. So the open space for imagination is rather wide.

As seasonings it is authorized in reasonable limits to add garlic, any greens, lemon juice, 1 bulb in day. Olive oil on 1 table spoon in day. Besides, it is possible to eat one slice of black bread in day and to wash down all this business by unlimited quantity of unsweetened black or green tea. For a mood raising it is authorized to eat 1 teaspoon of honey during the day.

Products for a diet are simple for finding in the nearest shop or in the market, and a legal variety of dishes will easily allow to hold on it not one week. In this time you will lose not less than 3 kgs and at good state of health can prolong a diet for couple of weeks. «The diet of 10 products» is not from a number of strict diets, is enough variety of the specified products, that chosen diet to adhere as it is possible longer, in an ideal all vegetable season — that is 2 months in succession.

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