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Diet For Pregnant Women. Secrets Of Eutrophy During Pregnancy

Today you have visited at the doctor and he has informed you joyful news: you will have a kid! From this point on your life will be filled with set of pleasant efforts: it is necessary to choose to the kid a name, to buy a dowry, to find a resembling place for a bed and to do many things. But all these cares don’t demand your attention right now, for their decision you have 9 months.

And here to take care about health of the kid, as well as about your own, is required immediately. One of the main moments in this question is correct catering services. The diet for pregnant women is the simply balanced diet providing to you and your kid necessary quantity of useful substances and vitamins.

What products are better for using during pregnancy?
Let’s consider what substances and in what quantities physicians recommend to use.

First of all, as to you, fiber is required to the child. It is recommended to be received from meat, fish, a bird, sour-milk products. A day you need 110-120 gramme of the squirrel. From this quantity to 90 gramme should be fibers of an animal origin.

In day you can eat 150 gramme fishes of low-fat grades: a pike perch, a cod, ice fish. It is better to boil, prepare on pair in the form of cutlets, rolls, other culinary products. Meat (150 gramme daily) is more preferable for using in a boiled kind or to bake it after boiling. With enough of fiber you will be provided a bird, with meat of a rabbit, beef or veal.

Other source of fiber is milk and sour-milk products. You can eat to 200 gramme of the low-fat cottage cheese, fat-free kefir or curdled milk, (to 1 glass) If there is no allergy to lactose the glass of milk is authorized to drink unsweetened yogurts or to add it in tea, dairy soups. Eggs for pregnant women also are present at a diet, but their use is better for reducing to 1-2 in a week. Thus it is better to refuse hard boiled eggs. Weld their soft-boiled or «in a sack» it is possible to prepare an omelette.

Important component of a diet for pregnant women is carbohydrates. It is necessary to limit their use to 400 gramme, and in second half of pregnancy and to 300 gramme a day. Macaroni and groats can be used for preparation of soups. If you have decided to boil vermicelli on a garnish or to eat a buckwheat cereal plate, limit this day norm of bread.

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Bread can be used in number of 100-200 gramme in day. Certainly, it should be not buns or a white loaf. It is better to pay attention to bread from a flour of a rough grinding, with bran, other dietary grades. For the best mastering it should be a bit dried. Biscuit and a biscuit are supposed also in small amounts.

It is daily necessary to eat and the first dishes. Soup (200) is better for cooking from vegetables, with addition of macaroni or groats. For refueling it is possible to use sour cream, cream.

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