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The winter is favourite by all for pure frosty air, walks on beautiful snow-covered avenues, skiing, a sledge and the fads. But a cold season is an underside – an icy cold, the ice penetrating wind as consequence infectious, diseases.

From a frost we will be protected by warm clothes and whether there is a way to avoid «winter diseases»? It is possible to buy, of course, in a drugstore ointment. But whether to strengthen the forces “from within” at the expense of a competent food is better? Knowingly in the people considered that all health goes «from a stomach».

The immune diet lasts 1-2 weeks, in this time you can strengthen the immunity and lose pair-three unnecessary kgs.

Basis of a “winter” diet

The basis of a diet for immunity is made by fibers which contain the amino acids necessary for an organism synthesizing an antibody. At a lack of fiber of an antibody doesn’t suffice for resistance of an infection and the organism falls ill. For maintenance of protective functions of an organism at the necessary level it is necessary to use in food of 100 grams of fiber of a vegetative or animal origin. Watch, that in your refrigerator always there was a meat, fish, eggs, mushrooms, a soya and bean.

The second important components of a diet are lipids or fats. They form a basis for cages of immune system, walls of lymphocytes and macrophages. Are important as animals (butter, lard), and vegetative fats (sunflower, soya and olive oil, a sesame, nuts). If not to use in food more than 30 grams of fats it won’t put harm to a figure.

The list of necessary products

“The winter” diet doesn’t urge you to starve, more likely on the contrary, it is necessary to make the diet various and balanced. From the products making your daily food, organism health depends.

The list of necessary products should include:

1. Fats (oils, sunflower seeds, nuts);
2. Fibers (bean, dairy products, buckwheat, low-fat meat, fish);
3. Carbohydrates (sprouted wheat, groats, rye bread);
4. Vegetables (an onions, garlic, carrots, cabbage, a beet, a pumpkin);
5. Fruit (a citrus, apples, a kiwi, bananas) and dried fruits (a fig, dried apricots, raisin, prunes);
6. Seasonings (a horse-radish, mustard, ginger);
7. Drinks (natural juice from fruit and vegetables, grassy teas).

It is necessary to exclude:

1. Sweets (cakes, pies, chocolate, sweets);
2. A hard liquor, coffee, sweet sparkling water and tinned juice. As “medicine” for depression and a breakdown instead of sweets oranges, tangerines, carrots and the Bulgarian pepper perfectly will approach.

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The diet for immunity has some pluses:

1. Work of intestines improves and there is an organism clarification thanks to the food rich with a vegetative cellulose;
2. The nervous system becomes stronger;
3. The given food is low-calorie at the expense of absence of sweet confectionery;
4. Vegetative fats and nuts are rich with vitamin E;
5. The products which are natural antioxidants, protect cages from free radicals.

The approximate menu:
Breakfast: milk (300 ml), nuts (100).
Dinner: vegetable salad (200), low-fat boiled beef (200), a slice of black bread, a glass of fruit juice.
Mid-morning snack: kefir, dried fruits.
Supper: crude quail eggs (5 pieces), an apple, tea on grasses.

At last some practical advice

– Eat often, but gradually, the quantity of food intakes should make 4-6 in day.
– It is necessary to have supper till 19:00.
– It is necessary to provide an organism with physical activities if there are no contra-indications.
– Laugh more, it positively affects the general condition of an organism, accelerates gas exchange.
– Don’t forget to happen regularly whenever possible also in the open air.

Good luck to you and good luck!

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