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Diet Every Other Day, Does It Work?

Just what exactly Smells
Dieting stinks! It is considerably more enjoyable to gain the body weight than eliminate it. To make a diet only stink half as much why not diet every other day?

The Short Answer
The short answer is that when you diet every other day you grant yourself permission to overeat on the other days. Also, you would need to be quite severe in your dieting on your diet days to achieve weight-loss so in a nutshell it will not work very well.

Compromise On The Diet Every Other Day Plan
What has worked very nicely for me is to diet every other day and then on the alternative days only diet for breakfast and supper, but eat a free lunch–who said there is no free lunch. Basically, I treat myself to a regular yummy lunch every other day.

What Does This Lunch Achieve For You
Each time I know I have a diet free lunch to look forward to every other day, it keeps me going on the diet. Many of my diets have failed in the past simply because I kept getting frustrated when I thought of not getting to to eat what I enjoyed. This method fixes that challenge.

Diet Every Other Day…Sort Of
This sort of diet every other day weight loss plan has at long last enabled me to stick with a diet long term. I can’t tell you how thrilled this has made me. I shed between 2 to 3 pounds a week and I still get to go to Red Robins for a Whiskey River Burger–Boo Rah!

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Natural Calorie Shifting
Another bonus of these intermittent lunches is that it creates a natural EODD process that keeps me from plateauing or stalling. The boost in calories that my scrumptious lunches gives me sets my body up for more weight loss. This is truly a great way to lose fat.

All of these techniques are used in Jon Benson’s Diet Every Other Day Plan and I have been using them to lose over 23 lbs to date. So if you are like me and can’t stand the thought of plodding through a low-cal desert nightmare of a diet then try this method and you’ll be glad you did.

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