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For an organism there are three best diets:

1. A crude vegetarian diet (crude vegetables and fruit, vegetable juice from them, nuts).

2. The same vegetarian diet but with addition of boiled vegetables, boiled and baked fruit. Both diets are very good.

3. A meat diet. As well as two previous diets it is very useful diet but it does not approach everyone because the organisms are different and the diet can vary.

The most important thing for treatment and the prevention of illnesses a diet is observance of rules.

1 rule. It is impossible to eat proteins (meat, fish, eggs and so forth) simultaneously with bread, a potato, rice, peas, beans and so forth.

2 rule. If there is a possibility avoid liquid food (soup, a borsch and etc.). Though there is a liquid food very good and desirable for a diet, all tragic element of position that it is absorbed without a chewing. It, eventually, leads to illnesses of a stomach path as the food arrives in a stomach without a saliva.

3 rule. It is necessary to chew very long food before you swallow it. Many suffering illnesses of a stomach path try to recover medicines. They don’t realize or don’t know that no medicines will help and the self-discipline will help only. Learn to chew slowly and many malfunctions in a food path will be corrected.

It is necessary to chew from 15 to 30 times (sometimes even more) depending on character and rigidity of food.

Here some reasons from which arises an initial stage of illness of a stomach path. With it it is necessary to consult by all means as it then can lead to a gastritis, to a stomach ulcer and a duodenal gut, illness of small intestines, and so forth. To these illnesses lead:

1. Food intake during irregular time.

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2. An overeating.

3. Fast absorption of food.

4. A nervous tension.

Eating the mixed food (as it is standard) we mislead the stomach as we force it to allocate juice not absolutely that structure what is necessary for digestion of each product. Having washed down this mix with a sweet drink for a dessert we will disorient systems of automatic control of a digestive path. Therefore the food is badly acquired and cages of a full organism starve. It promotes an overeating and an excess weight set. Besides, badly digested food causes locks that, in turn, conducts to an organism self-poisoning.

To start natural mechanisms of normalization of digestion and exchange processes, the meal should be begun with a liquid (water, juice, compote) or fruit. It is enough widespread in the West and the East. It is possible to eat also crude vegetables without bread. Thanks to such beginning the stomach is released from superfluous slime, the pancreas gets into gear and a little appetite decreases.

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