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Dear Housewives, It Is Necessary To Remember Some Rules

Dear housewives, it is necessary to remember some rules, which should be observed strictly, and you never will get fat.

First, never eat up anything after somebody. Certainly, it is difficult, especially, if is prepared very tasteful dish. If it is a pity to throw out products, put it in a refrigerator. Then, someone from your family will eat up, or you will eat, but later. One more golden rule: because you spend less force, than all your family, you should eat less. The daily norm of consumption of calories at you should be on some hundreds lower, than at others. Otherwise, you exactly will get fat.

During cooking it is necessary to try food as professional cooks at restaurants do. They do not swallow the meal they try, but spit out it and then rinse the mouth. So you will not get superfluous kilograms, and your taste and sense of smell remains on the top level. You will keep sensitivity of your tongue.

The life of the housewife is difficult and uneasy, especially, if all family has got used to eat harmful and fat food. Ways of growing thin of the modern housewife are very simple. There are two of them.

The first. You force all family to eat correctly, to use only dietary products. Probably, at first it will be difficult, how it is possible to refuse a sandwich with sausage and sweet tea for the night? But, gradually, your members of family will get used, and you will not have problems how to feed them correctly and tasty. You keep your figure, take care of your close people. Eat correct and useful products.

The second way to lose fat is – you can eat separately from your family. You will follow a diet alone. In this case it is necessary to be ready to that members of family will not share your undertakings, all time will pin up, tempt with high-calorie products and different harmful products. It is necessary to show will power, to control yourself constantly and constrain the desires. As a rule, the most part of housewives also chooses last way of growing thin because it is easier to force yourself, than the whole family to refuse sausage and sweets.

There are the most various ways of growing thin of the modern housewife. To begin with, it is necessary to allocate for yourself those basic qualities of the housewife life, which are important and significant. The first, you can find time for work on the figure. To define an hour per day when you will go in for sports. You have a unique possibility to eat when and what is necessary.

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Also, not to get fat, it is necessary to eat from small plates. So it will visually seemed that you have eaten much, the whole plate, and actually you eat a little.

Keep your figure in a good shape and take care of your health!

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