Weight Loss

Dairy Products For Fat Burning.

If you are looking for products which, according to scientific data, are able to accelerate fat metabolism and improve body composition, you just cannot walk pass a high quality whey isolate. The facts are undeniable. For example, one study compared the effect of whey protein and casein on the organism of adult humans. Although the experiment did not provide any training, after ten weeks of taking varying dietary supplement (20 g / day) the group of whey protein has demonstrated reduction in the percentage of body fat and increase in anaerobic capacity.

Experiments on rats have shown that consumption of whey protein isolate within six weeks of training was reflected in a much greater improvement in body composition compared with the intake of casein or carbohydrates. Scientists have found that whey protein isolate (but not casein or carbohydrates) maintain the level of lipid oxidation (fat burning) during and after exercises, in contrast to other food additives. This means that this type of whey protein contributes to a stronger utilization of subcutaneous fat for obtaining the energy.

Milk Calcium.

The constant researches of recent years support a very dubious concept. The amount of ingested calcium obviously is a key component in the regulation of energy metabolism. A high calcium intake not only prevents the accumulation of fat in the body but also makes it burn fat for energy more active. In fact, the amount of calcium in the diet provides the basis of how easily an individual accumulates or burns fat. Therefore, if you aspire to have a leaner figure, it would just be silly not to increase calcium intake.

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However, before you rush to buy calcium-pills, you should know that the best source of calcium that helps burn fat is dairy products rich in protein. Scientifically validated evidence says that calcium from dairy products has a much greater impact on fat metabolism and weight loss than calcium supplements. So, you have to take it into consideration if you want to burn fat as quickly as possible because it is very important.

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