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Curative Qualities Of Red Wine Part 2

* At the heart of almost all diseases lies free-radical and these also so called oxidizers damage of cellular structures. It causes diseases of cardiovascular system, a liver, a skin, sight, aging and destruction of neurons, an oncologic degeneration of cells… Especially many free radicals (or oxidizers) are formed at stresses, intense exercise stresses, infections, smoking, reception of the big doses of alcohol, intoxication, inhalation of polluted air, a ultra-violet and radioactive irradiation etc. Polyphenolums are one of the most powerful antioxidants known in the nature. Their antioxidatic activity exceeds activity of vitamin E in 50 times, and vitamin C in 20 times!

* Antioxidatic protection of only one structural fiber of collagen leads to strengthening of walls of vessels on entire organism, improvement of a condition of bones and muscles, joints, an eye lens, rising of elasticity and elasticity of a skin, and also promotes fast healing of tissues at any traumas. Preservation of lipids and cholesterol of a blood from oxidation underlies preventive maintenance and prevention of development of an atherosclerosis. Polyphenolums exclusively easily cross a barrier between a blood and a brain and quickly assist the nervous cells especially sensitive to influence of free radicals.

* Polyphenolums, stimulating formation of corticosteroids by a cortex of adrenals, have anti-inflammatory effect and by depression of formation of histamine, provide antiallergic influence. Contacting benzodiazepine receptors in a brain, Polyphenolums has antistressful and somnolent influence. Some of them (in the cleared kind) abirritate in 10 times more effectively than Elenium.

In the well-known Danish research in 1995 it has been proved that only red grapes possess powerful curative properties. As a result at those who accepts from 500 to 700 grams of red grapes a day, the risk of lethal outcomes from all reasons authentically decreases on 49 %. Scientists of the different countries have subjected to long and careful laboratory researches medical properties of red grapes in which course all their ingredients, in particular substances of the polyphenolic nature, flavonoids have been allocated and studied. As a result now it is unequivocally proved that red grapes and its derivatives considerably surpass overwhelming majority of other products of a similar orientation and in complex have preventive and medical influence on a human body.

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Besides, it is very important to understand and remember that any alcohol and even top-quality alcohol, rather negatively influence liver and also the whole organism, it blasts it, that is why despite the positive moments and aiming force, it is necessary to remember that everything is good only in a moderate consumption, that is why you should always approach to everything thoughtfully and carefully and especially if it concerns food. And also in addition I hope that this article will reveal a lot of interesting and useful facts to you.

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