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Curative Qualities Of Red Wine Part 1

It is great not only for your appearance but also for the whole organism

From the most ancient times the mankind constantly noted medical properties of red grapes. Also wine is mentioned in the Bible more than 450 times. During the different historical moments this question concerned variously: recognized, ignored, didn’t trust, even struggled with this position, including mentions of medical properties of grapes.

From the beginning of 90th years of the XX-th century in Europe in wide sale has arrived the capsules containing a bioactive complex, received of ossicles of red grapes. The reason to their occurrence was so-called “the French paradox” which has been noticed for a long time and constantly nonplused all cardiologists. The matter is that among Frenchmen, especially inhabitants of a southern part of France, and also Italians, Greeks and Spaniards extremely seldom meets ischemic heart disease and illnesses of a liver (despite completeness and smoking) against high consumption of integral red grapes and red wine.

The medical facts speak about:

* Daily reception from 300 to 500 gram of integral red grapes reduces probability of death because of coronary insufficiency from 15 % to 60 %. In group of post-infarct patients the moderate consumption of red wine conducts to depression of relapses of a myocardial infarction on 76 %. Daily reception of red grapes (200 grams) reduces a risk level of a stroke of a brain on 50 %.

* The destruction of 10 million pathogenic bacteria in 0,5 liters of red wine comes during a half an hour. The bactericidal effect extends on salmonellas, streptococci, protease, pneumococcal, staphylococci. The anti-virus effect is proved concerning a poliomyelitis virus, a herp.

* The regular consumption of integral red grapes stimulates neogenesis of cells of a liver in a ration and baking as cirrhosis and hepatitis counteracts development of such diseases.

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* Stimulating gastric juice unit, grapes normalize digestion and promote mastering of fibers. Also are well known its antispastic and antidiarrheal properties.

* Also are known its anti-inflammatory, antiallergenic, anticancerogenic, antistressful action of red wine and integral red grapes. Besides – the regular use of a small amount of red grapes slows down processes of aging and prolongs life for some tens years.

* In flora there is the big group of bonds including in the structure phenol rings (from it is called Polyphenolums). Some of them still called vitamins Р which possesses powerful antioxidatic properties. The most known Polyphenolums concern Tanninums, Quercetinum, Quercetinum and and some other. All of them are present at considerable quantities in separate grades of red grapes.

So now you know how the simple fruit as grape can positively effect your state health and give you health, strength and beauty.

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