Correction Of Proportions Of A Body

It is heavy to find the person with ideal proportions of a body. To solve this problem is possible by means of clothes (it is the most simple and fast variant), but in the summer, especially on a beach, this way does not allow to reach the desired purpose. In this case employment by fitness can come to the aid. Originally it is necessary carefully and self-critically to analyse the constitution. Be defined with “the weak” places, it is necessary to develop what groups of muscles and what sites of a body, on the contrary, to reduce in volumes. Certainly, the trainer can help with this hard business. Proceeding from this data exercises steal up. Very often for result achievement on one sites of a body exercises in a mode of dump of weight (intensive training), and on other sites – in a mode of a set of weight (slow training) are carried out. As a result in due course there is a correction of proportions of a body. It is better to spend some trainings in a week, thus on various trainings to study various muscular groups. It is necessary to combine power and cardio. The result first of all depends on specific features of the person and purposefulness.

By means of power trainings muscles become stronger, sheaves and the bone system of the person, also it is a good variant for removal of emotional loadings and struggle against stress and, naturally, preventive maintenance of a condition of a figure. For achievement of these purposes it is necessary to spend from 1 to 3 trainings in a week in from 30 minutes till 2 hours. It is possible to use on mood power training apparatus, a bar, dumbbells. Despite the free schedule, it is necessary to make the approximate plan of trainings and to observe it. If there is a necessity to remove emotional loading, it is necessary to spend more intensive training, minimum distracting on extraneous things. If there are sites of a body which unduly increase in volumes, it is necessary to carry out intensive exercises for these muscular groups.

By means of fitness it is possible to improve a backbone and back condition.

80 % of modern people have problems with a backbone. Having picked up corresponding exercises, it is possible to reduce pressure in a humeral belt and to get rid of pains in a waist. To achieve these purposes, it is necessary to spend 2–3 trainings in a week with a bar and power training apparatus. Rate of employment must be low, burdening weight – average.

Exercises and quantity of trainings steal up individually, proceeding from a problem and a state of health. The general rule one – employment should be begun when there will pass an acute pain or will remove plaster (at crisis). The primary goal is to increase blood circulation in a problem zone.

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