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Correct Formation Of A Daily Diet With A Set Of Dietary Foodstuff

For all women who visit sports clubs and daily keep the figure, very important question is correct formation of a daily diet with a set of dietary foodstuff. For ones who like sweets it is necessary to remember that various sweets promote occurrence of superfluous weight of a body. However with what is such physiological effect caused? Let’s try to understand, why sweets cause occurrence of superfluous weight of a body.

As it is known, in most cases sweet taste of various delicacies is caused by presence at foodstuff of such carbohydrates as sucrose (this substance is known to us in a life as sugar), and also glucose and fructose. Carbohydrates are enough high-calorie components of food. It is enough to tell that the basic part of energy, which is spent by an organism for realization of every possible physiological reaction, is formed at splitting in a digestive path of carbohydrates. Superfluous receipt of carbohydrates in an organism with food causes complexities for process of their full processing and recycling to final metabolic products (carbon dioxide and water). Not decayed carbohydrates are transformed to fats and saved in a fatty fabric. Therefore becomes clear why surplus of carbohydrates causes occurrence of “superfluous” weight of a body.

Thanks to the high maintenance of carbohydrates various kinds of sweets provide our organism with a considerable quantity of calories, which, nevertheless, cannot be spent for maintenance of the vital processes completely. The superfluous quantity of these substances promotes occurrence of the big weight of fatty adjournment, which are extremely negatively reflected in a figure condition.

Certainly, high caloric content of carbohydrates does not mean that it is necessary to limit completely the use of sweets in food. For example, addition of one-two spoons of sugar in a cup of your tea or coffee is quite possible. Besides, glucose, which appears in an organism at splitting of complex carbohydrates, is extremely necessary for normal work of a muscular fabric and nerve cells. The complete exclusion from food sugar (which molecule consists of the glucose and fructose rests) conducts to fast fatigue and promotes sharp decrease in working capacity.

As it has already been noted, the majority of sweets contain superfluous quantity of sugar, and this substance represents carbohydrates. And now take into consideration that such sweets as candies or cotton candy practically entirely consist of sugar in this or that kind. Using even insignificant quantity of this foodstuff, we increase risk of occurrence of superfluous weight.

If you wish to have the harmonious and tightened figure, but simultaneously are not ready to give up your favorite sweet dishes, you have only one exit – to use sweets on the basis of artificial substitutes of sugar use (for example, saccharin). Some of these substances are more sweet to all of us in tens and even hundreds times, therefore presence at food even very insignificant quantity of such connections will made any dish sweet enough. However to use such substitutes it is better in very limited quantities and for short time.

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