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Consequences Of Express Diets

Today express diets are very popular. All of them are calculated on a small time interval and promise amazing results. But in a reality all at all how on fair brochures. It is necessary to grow thin with mind, consulting at the doctor and being engaged in parallel in sports. Here some minuses of express diets.

1. The effect of express diets isn’t durable

It becomes very quickly clear that express diets are useless: the effect from them lasts is not for long. In extreme conditions of hunger the organism includes the protective mechanism and starts to save nutrients – fatty cages. Therefore on a repeated course of an express diet to grow thin it will not turn out. Even after a week of a low-calorie food superfluous kgs won’t leave anywhere, and is possible, your weight even will increase. The reason consists in the following: daily norm for the healthy woman – 2500 kcal, keeping to a diet in an organism arrives to 1500 kcal. At the first stage the result is excellent, but with each subsequent course all will lose kgs more difficultly. The organism adapts for hunger conditions, slows down a metabolism, like a camel does stocks of fatty cages.

2. Loading considerably increases by nervous system

Everyone who sat though once on a diet, knows about arising headaches, irritability and depression. All the matter is that norm of the maintenance of fat in an organism of the woman – 16-33 % (in an ideal of 16-25 %). If this indicator falls below 16 % loadings on nervous system will sharply increase. Nervous cages on 60 % consist of a fatty fabric, therefore, sharply growing thin you considerably raise risk of occurrence of peripheral infringements of nervous system.

3. There is a hypoglycemia

During a diet in an organism glucose level, from here falls and there is a drowsiness, slackness, the general weakness. The organism reacts to a low-calorie food, slowing down a metabolism. After that nutrients are spent only for maintenance of the basic vital functions. If to follow logic in a diet it is necessary to adhere to a sparing mode: less to move and whenever possible to lie on a sofa. But far not each woman afford can such luxury, after all work, domesticities, the husband and children demanding attention and care anywhere won’t get to. Organism also have a limit and very soon you will understand that became disseminated, inattentive, irritable. The organism is in a stress condition.

4. There can be complications

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At a lack of nutrients suffers mucous a stomach, therefore as a result of an express diet you risk to receive a gastritis or even an ulcer.

If the desire to find symmetry is accompanied by psychological problems, that is risk of development of a bulimia or an anorexia. The bulimia is a psychological reaction of an organism to hunger at which it is impossible to be sated even with a considerable quantity write. The anorexia is return reaction, fear to eat superfluous begins obsession. In the majority of diets plentiful drink is necessary. Together with water magnesium and potassium is deduced from an organism and the lack of these substances can lead to a heart attack.

It is really surprising that nowadays we are living in the world where knowledge quickly enhances the quality of our life. Seems like an easy statement, but for some reason people don’t use this power in their life.

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