Weight Loss

Consequences Of Diets

Majority of people consider that sitting not short-term and rigid diets can get rid of superfluous kgs once and for all. Therefore they very much are surprised when after diet terms again type weight. And all occurs because people come back to that food which was to a diet, and accordingly and to former weight starting to rush about in search of new, even more rigid and effective diet. And instead of eating balanced, how it is necessary for each concrete person, depending on features and the purposes which he puts before himself. The person who puts before itself aim should grow thin to eat so that to receive all necessary vitamins but not how the person who simply wants to support weight at certain level or the one who is engaged in escalating a muscle eats.

G.Shelton believed that a correct diet is that which probably to adhere all life. And it is true. And unless it is possible to adhere all life to rigid diets known to us? It is obvious that isn’t present. To take at least the well-known Kremlin diet. The organism simply won’t sustain refusal of carbohydrates. There are, of course, people who all life eat, basically, fibers and fats. But they have secrets of maintenance of health which are unknown to the European person. So if to adhere to this diet constantly it is possible to do considerable harm to the organism. It is necessary to remember that all diets of a short-term change of a diet. And all life it is necessary to eat balanced food. Otherwise consequences of diets will be very serious.

Extended monodiets presently are. These are diets, adhering which the person eats only one product, whether it be rice or chocolate. The organism strongly suffers from such diets, because perceives them as the latent starvation. Consequences of such diets are bags under the eyes, the exfoliating nails, dropping out hair and many other “pleasant” moments. The muscular weight is lost, the liquid is deduced from an organism, fatty stocks are burned. The person gets painful leanness. Besides, such fast burning of fatty stocks of an organism extremely dangerously. There is a risk to receive a stroke or a heart attack. And all is because cholesterol is postponed on walls of vessels. The same risk arises and at other procedures of “burning” of fat, for example, at a mesotherapy. Fat from hypodermics moves to vessels.

As to the known statement that to grow thin it is necessary not to eat after six o’clock in the evening is absurdity. So those who don’t understand at all dietology confirm only. It is the veiled form of starvation. At such approach the muscular weight, and fatty is lost, on the contrary, grows.

It is really surprising that today we are living in the world where info makes life easier. Seems like an easy statement, but for some reason people don’t use this power in their life.

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